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Weekend Box-Office Results: It's Not Really 'A Good Day To Die Hard', 'Beautiful Creatures' Makes Ugly Debut

I guess people aren’t excited to see another Die Hard.  After a guess of $35 million, A Good Day to Die Hard only made it out alive with $25 million, earning much less than Live Free or Die Hard’s debut some five years ago.  That wasn’t the only thing that may surprise you, Beautiful Creatures failed to make an impact on the general public, despite a pretty loyal young adult following.  Where did Safe Haven place in comparison to the rest of the films?  The answer may [not] surprise you.


Identity Thief, starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman, may not be the funny film you were expecting but at least some enjoyed it.  The film placed second this week after winning over audiences[‘ money] and nothing more.  With an additional $23 million, that brings the total gross for two weeks just over $70.7. 


Third place was a Safe Haven for… that movie.  Making just $21.4 million, it may not be the highest grossing Nicholas Sparks movie to date but it sure wasn’t the smallest.  With a small budget (most likely), this film may just earn it back within the end of its run sometime soon. 


Fourth place was Escape from Planet Earth with $16 million.  What movie?  Exactly.  I saw the trailer for this film and thought it was one of those straight-to-DVD films by The Asylum or something.  It looks like Planet 51; a big budget for the voice talent and left over cash for the animation and story department. 


Warm Bodies rounds out the first five with $9 million.  Beautiful Creatures placed sixth with $7.4 million and was, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the most critically acclaimed film this weekend, but that isn’t saying much.  Check to see the rest of the top ten below. 



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