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Al Pacino Plays Someone Much, Much Crazier Than Him In 'Phil Spector'

This may or may not be what Tim Burton's nightmares look like

Al Pacino's recent acting choices may have us questioning his sanity, but that's probably something he can use to his advantage in his next role as the titular record producer in the upcoming HBO movie Phil Spector.  You might not know exactly who Phil Spector is, and if that's the case you are sorely missing out.  Just look at the man with the creepy afro wig above and tell me you don't want to see a movie about him.

Phil Spector is best known for his work with the Beatles, but he had some strange habits.  Like carrying loaded guns with him everywhere.  And waving those loaded guns at people.  And then making those people put their mouths on them.  There was one instance in which, while recording music with The Ramones, he had a sudden angry outburst, locked the band members in the recording studio, and forced them to listen to him scream Beatles' songs through the speaker system until 4:30 AM in the morning.  No, I don't know how he avoided legal action for so long, but eventually one of those guns went off, resulting in a woman's death, and the trial portrayed in the film.  Helen Mirren plays his attorney.

Phil Specter premieres on Sunday, March 24th.

Reader Comments (1)

It looks good. Is it me or is Al Pacino changing his voice to make it sound more high and less scratchy?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan Silva

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