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First-Time Film Maker Delivering a Classic Slasher 

And they mean it.

Bluntly stated, the horror genre has been flooded with unnecessary sequels that offer no actual scares.  It wasn't always that way, though.  The classics of slasher horror like Halloween and the first Friday the 13th are classics because they kept it simple.  That old fashioned sentiment is practically oozing from first-time film maker Jason Christopher's 'Nobody Gets Out Alive', a horror film built in the style of those favored classics.  And the best part is, you can watch it from inside the house!

Despite being the first major film for director/producer/writer Jason Christopher, Nobody Gets Out Alive boasts an impressive resumé of accolades already.  In 2011, the film was awarded Best Feature at the ShockFest Film Festival as well as winning Best Director for Christopher and Best Actor for Brian Gallagher at the HorrorQuest Film Festival.  The film also won Best Feature at the 2012 World Horror Film Festival.  Furthermore, Victor Miller, the screenwriter of the original Friday the 13th mentored Jason Christopher on the script.  The film stars Jen Dance, Brian Gallagher, David J. Bonner, and familiar face Clint Howard.

The plot is pretty similar to other films like it: Hunter Isth (Gallagher) loses his family, goes crazy, college-agedish kids go into the wilderness for debauchery, and as the title suggests Nobody Gets Out Alive.  No fancy contraptions or convoluted retcons to speak of.  If you're getting sick of seeing Saw, check out the film when it hits DVD, Amazon, and Redbox on February 26th, 2012.  


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