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New 'Hulk' Movie Planned? 'Avengers 2' Plot Spoilers? Oh the Rumors That We Hear

It seems a bit ironic that the one Marvel character that could strike up nothing but ambivalence in their two stand alone movies would be the huge fan favorite in The Avengers.  I am talking of course, about the Hulk.  And ever since the release of the Avengers, there has been talk that Marvel was going to give the big guy another shot at stand alone movie stardom.  Well, it looks like that talk may be coming true and the Hulk’s new Adventure will tie in with the Avengers 2.

The website Latino Review, who talked to someone inside the Marvel universe, states that a new Hulk movie will be part of Marvel’s phase 3 slate of films.  But first, the groundwork for the new movie will begin with Avengers 2.  The rumor goes like this:  In the sequel, the Hulk will be banished into space because he will be deemed too dangerous.  And the people to do this are a secret group of Marvel characters that are comprised of Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Black Bolt (along with a few others). 

The new Hulk movie will follow the story line of Planet Hulk.  Not familiar with the storyline to Planet Hulk?  Well, I’m told it’s very similar to the story line of John Carter.  But don’t let that news scare you, as this involves the Hulk and not Taylor Kitsch.  The Hulk will then make his return in Avengers 3 to seek revenge on those who banished him. 

It’s all rumor kids, so until Kevin Feige or Joss Whedon confirm any of this; you can either disregard the news or let your imagination run wild with the possible awesomeness that could unfold with this storyline.  As for a new Hulk movie, I think Whedon and company got along of things right with the Hulk and if Marvel builds off of that ( which I think Marvel has learned their lesson with the first two Hulk movies), then I would welcome a 3rd attempt.   And you know that old saying, the 3rd time is the charm.

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