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New Fan Trailer Shows Us What 'Star Wars Episode: VII' Could Be

With the two big, tired stories circulating around right now being the resurgence of the "Benedict Cumberbatch is Kahn" rumor, and more news that the Justice League production is troubled, it seems like we should go back to the people who love movies in the first place: fans.  Specifically, a fan-made trailer of Episode VII, created using previous film and video game footage.  Most of it's from The Old Republic MMORPG that kind of failed, but this trailer reminds us that the marketing for it was great!

Y'know, juxtaposing the CGI and real life footage can't help but remind me how far technology has come...and how good that could look when used well for the next trilogy.  Disney, you have the opportunity to redeem the biggest sci-fi franchise in history.  Don't screw it up.

Update: The video doesn't seem to be embedding correctly on certain browsers. Click here so you can see it elsewhere.

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