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New 'Pacific Rim' Screenshots Beat 'Godzilla' At Its Own Game?

One fascinating thing in Hollywood is the way that movies with similar premises will be released around the same time period.  Snow White & The Huntsman and Mirror, MirrorDeep Impact and Armageddon.  One more to the list: Pacific Rim and GodzillaPacific Rim is coming out a year earlier then Godzilla, but it's safe to say that their greenlighting was part of the same trend.  If Pacific Rim just knocks it out of the park like these screenshots hint at, than Godzilla has a lot to live up to.

Legacy Pictures released the two screenshots with captions.  For the first, it says, "We will rebuild the city around its bones."  For the second, "Kaiju Blue clean-up detail: an endless, thankless task."

Both go well with the pictures and both sound cool in their own way.

In Pacific Rim, the world has come under attack by a bunch of giant monsters called Kaiju.  To combat them, humanity developed a group of giant robots called Jaegers, controlled by the minds of two pilots at once.

It stars Irdris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, and Rink Kikuchi.  It will be released on July 12, 2013.

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