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Fearless Forecast: 'Oz' Not So 'Great And Powerful' Against 'The Croods'

Oz, for the past two weekends, has been the number one movie in the country but will that change when Gerard Butler debuts in his first (potentially good) action film since 300?  The film is Olympus Has Fallen and is creating buzz for being balls to the wall and a better Die Hard film than the last Die Hard.  With this good buzz, will it beat out Oz The Great and Powerful?  Or will Neanderthals take the reigns of the number one spot? The Croods is much more fitted to earn more money seeing that it’s geared to a younger audience. 


The Croods is the latest film from Dreamworks animation and it’s going to open pretty big.  The television spots tell the audience everything.  They mention the studio was also responsible for How to Train Your Dragon, a great animated film, and some critic blurb about comparing it to Avatar.  Hook for the children, line for the parents, and sinker for the studio.   Dreamworks’ last film wasn’t a huge success but Rise of the Guardians did make a substantial amount of cash during the Holiday season.  I expect The Croods to make upwards of about $55 million. 



Butler has does some pretty terrible rom-coms since his action classic 300 debuted some six years ago; yeah, it’s been that long.  There were some action films sprinkled in between those years but those were of poor quality.  It looks like a return to form with Olympus Has Fallen with Butler at the front of this action flick with Morgan Freeman to support and Antoine Fuqua to direct.  As Oz continues to overstay its welcome, Olympus Has Fallen will have no problem easing right on in to the number one spot. 


300, when it debuted in 2007, made over $70 million crushing the box-office.  After that, Butler’s done P.S. I Love You (which a good film in my opinion), The Bounty Hunter, The Ugly Truth, and I won’t talk about Playing for Keeps.  All those films, with the exception for The Ugly Truth, did poorly at the box-office.  Olympus won’t be smash like 300 was some odd number years ago but it will make money.  My guess is that it would come close to $31 million. 


Oz will take third place with $15 million while The Call places fourth with $8 million and Spring Breakers rounds out the first five with $6.5 million. 


The Croods $55 M

Olympus Has Fallen $31 M

Oz The Great and Powerful $15 M

The Call $8 M

Spring Breakers $6.5 M

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