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'The Wolverine' Sees A Familiar Face In A New Six Second Clip

I try not to let my personal feelings about the people involved in films effect opinions on the films themselves, but I find myself hoping that every Hugh Jackman project is a success.  From what I've seen, he's a decent guy, loyal to his family and respectful to others, displaying class towards everything he does.  In an industry that's given us Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn, I hate imagining him suffering through bad reviews.  It makes me all the more happy that The Wolverine is starting to look good.

There's quite few new things that we have to show you today, the first is a new poster:

Pretty standard, but certainly not bad.  Then comes a 6-second quick montage of shots from the film:

Beside Wolverine looking angry a lot, we have glimpse of Famke Janssen as Phoenix/Jean Grey once again, though she died back in X-Men: The Last Stand.  Finally, we have several new screenshots:


X-Men Origins: Wolverine's biggest problem wasn't that it was bad, so much as it was so uninspired and boring.  I can already tell that won't be the case with this one.  Sure, it might still be bad, but it should at least be fun to look at.

The Wolverine will be released on July 26.

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