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Fearless Forecast: 'Pacific Rim' Squares Off Against 'Grown Ups 2'

Warner Brothers need Pacific Rim to be a the powerhouse it deserves to be. Earlier this year they lost some money on another 'giant' movie, pun intended, with Jack The Giant Slayer. Domestically, the film failed to earn back half of what was spent on the budget and was a failure for the studio. Pacific Rim may not look exactly like the Bryan Singer disaster but the similarities are still there. You have giant creatures and you have an epic story to tell. But will Warner lose again this weekend?


God, I hope not. Pacific Rim is the film I wanted to see most this year and it's finally here. However, movies like this have failed to bring in an audience. I've mentioned Jack The Giant Slayer earlier. Disney suffered in the same way with John Carter. What was to bring in two or three times the production budget, which was about $275 million, managed to earn just a small 26% of its budget. This could stay away from those stereotypes. The name Guillermo del Toro rings a bell with movie goers who saw his production and writing credit of The Hobbit, MamaDon't Be Afraid of the Dark and more. Plus, his most popular films, Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy are fan favorites and were box-office successes. This time last year Ice Age Continental Drift was the number movie at the box-office and that only brought in around $46.5 million. Pacific Rim is on track to perform a twice of what that made. I'm guessing it's going to make around $92 million. But it could very well make more; the most the film will make is $115 million.

Adam Sandler's middle name is Richard, which is fitting since he's a dick to his fans. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Grown Ups 2 is upon and it must be stopped. Surprisingly, people are excited for this. I mean, they paid to watch Adam Sandler on vacation. Can they really be that stupid to pay to see him on another vacation? The first film was made on a budget of $75 million, yes, it cost that much to take a vacation, and it earned back $165 million; pretty profitable. Yet, it was panned by critics everywhere and some fans hated it. So why the sequel? (imagine me rubbing my fingers together to simulate the motion of wanting cash). That's all it is. Will it make enough money this time around? Let's take a look at how much That's My Boy made. It failed to make anything close to its $65 million budget. It earned about $36 million domestically and was the first film I walked out on. I see Grown Ups 2 slipping right into that number 4 spot at the box-office this week with $15 million. 


So, second place this week will belong to Despicable Me 2 with around $35 million. Third place will be The Heat with $17 million. And The Lone Ranger will take the fifth place spot with $11 million. 


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