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New 'Godzilla' Poster Is Proud of Its Heritage

Pacific Rim may be getting good reviews and word of mouth, but it's not doing too cool at the Box Office, you can be sure this is going to freak out some studio heads, especially the ones who are in charge of the upcoming Godzilla remake.  It's not clear exactly why Pacific Rim failed, but the idea that audiences no longer character about giant monsters makes about as much sense as any other reason.  A new Godzilla poster is awesome enough that it might drum up some enthusiasm, though.

It almost makes me wish that the new film was going to be an anime.  We haven't seen much of the actual film yet, but I'm guessing that Comic Con will bring with it a some interesting footage.  Godzilla has been tried once for an American audience and it conclusively failed.  Here's hoping that it won't happen again this time.  Here's a video released by the director Gareth Edwards teasing the Comic Con presentation.

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