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'Predators' Sequel Coming To Comic Con?

Back in 2010, we got an awesome addition to the Predator franchise from producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal in Predators, a movie that captured all the magic of the original while adding enough of the new to make it worthwhile.  It made decent money, and had a huge sequel tease at the end, so it's a little surprise that for three years the air was silent on that front.  Now, that has changed.

This image appeared on the Predators facebook page:

Looks like a picture of L.A. and a quote from Predator 2.  That's interesting, because Predators took place entirely on an alien planet, and seemed to indicate the sequel would stay there.  Maybe this is going to be a prequel.  Maybe it's going to star new characters, though that would be kind of disappointing.  Personally, I think it'll cover the same characters, but long after they've escaped from the planet of the first film.  We'll just have to wait until Comic Con to see.

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