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'Predator' Sequel Dreams Crushed (Or, 20th Century Fox Has No Tact)

Yesterday, we brought you new that was getting 1980s sci-fi movie fans excited all over the internet: There was going to be a bit announcement regarding something Predator related.  The most likely explanation would be a sequel to Predators, which ended on a huge cliff hanger and made more money than anyone could have expected it to.  But, it looks like 20th Century Fox may have made too effective of a tease, because that's not happening.

It seems the teaser was intended to announce a 3D Blu Ray release of the original Predator film.  Now, I love the original Predator. It's Arnold's best movie besides the first two Terminators.  But it's not that big of a deal, especially when most people do not own or care about owning a 3D television.  This is a kind of thing that isn't marketed virally.

Bleh, whatever.  It's probably just an indication that we can sometimes blow things too far out of proportion.  We still want a Predators sequel, though.

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