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Trailer for '12 Years a Slave' is the Anti-'Django Unchained'

Steve McQueen….no the other Steve McQueen, the director, turned a few heads when his film Shame was released back in 2011.  He turned peoples heads for a couple of reasons:  1) He got people to notice his talent as both a writer and director and 2) He got people to turn in shame whenever Michael Fassbender flashed his penis on screen…it happens. And come October, McQueen and Fassbender are back with 12 Years a Slave and while there is no gunplay or dentist/bounty hunters, this trailer looks mighty impressive.

Looks good, right?  The movie is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, who while being a free man in New York State, is kidnapped and sold into slavery.  This is one of the movies on my most anticipated list and after watching this trailer, my anticipation just got bumped up to the high alert level.  It also really says something about McQueen and his talent that he was able get such an impressive list of actors…which is another reason why I’m excited to see this film. 

12 Years a Slave comes out Oct 18 and I imagine the Fox Searchlight marketing team will be in overdrive when it comes to pushing this movie for awards season.  There off to a good start with the trailer.

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