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Next Up On The Oscar-Bait Mobile: 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Oh, Matthew McConaughey, how far you've come.  Once upon a time, you looked like you'd resign yourself to being the male equivalent of Pamela Anderson.  Now, a Killer Joe and a Lincoln Lawyer later,  we know he has some serious acting chops, but neither of those got quite the recognition that they deserved.  This, though, is clearly trying to grab McConaughey the coveted golden man: Dallas Buyers Club.  Check out the trailer after the jump.

Yeah, I'm a fan, both of the story and of his performance.  Ron Woodroof was the epitamy of "larger-than-life" (he wound up living a whopping six years more than doctors were saying he would), and it looks like we're getting a performance to match.  I'm impressed with the way he slimmed down for the role.  Check it out on November 1st.

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