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Benedict Cumberbatch Finds 'The Lost City of Z'

A couple of days ago we passed along the news that there was an ongoing rumor that Benedict Cumberbatch was being considered for a prominently role in Star Wars: Episode VII.  Cumberbatch's representative later stated that the rumors had no basis in fact, unfortunately.  He's been confirmed for another film role, though, and it sounds like it has a lot of potential.  The film is called The Lost City of Z, and it's based on a true story.

From CinemaBlend:

Set in 1925, the new film centers on Fawcett as he travels into the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil searching for a civilization. When he discovers the mythical Lost City of Z he is excited to share the news with his peers - but nobody believes him. In order to prove his discovery is legitimate, Fawcett goes back into the jungle with his son to try and get proof. The book is based on a true story and in reality Fawcett and his son were never seen or heard from again.

Sounds pretty interesting.

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