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First 'Monkey's Paw' Trailer Makes Me Wish For A Better-Looking Movie

You probably remember The Monkey's Paw from that short story you read back in middle or high school.  It's a classic, drawing together traditional tenants of good literature and of exciting storytelling.  It's a pretty quick read, which is one reason we haven't gotten a major film adaptation so far: There just isn't enough to adapt! So, when it was announced that a Monkey's Paw film was in production, I was curious what they would add to the story to make it feature length.  As it turned out, the answer was "shit".

Yeah, they pretty much just turned it into a psycho-killer movie, the most uninteresting and unoriginal route they could have taken.  One of the most interesting points of the short story was that the paw would grant you your wishes in twisted ways that played out naturally.  Instead, we get z0mbies!!!!11!!

Meh, it might make for some entertaining late night horror.

Reader Comments (1)

Looks like an attempt to raise the cache of low-budget horror by adapting a classic story - and probably creating a new "Hellraiser", "Saw"- like franchise to boot. Ya' wonder why it wasn't thought of before now.

Sunday, September 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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