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Zac Efron Finally Wants You To Hate Him In 'Neighbors'

When I think of Zac Efron's post-High School Musical, I feel a bit sorry for him.  He tried to have a legitimate acting career with serious movies like Orson Welles & Me and Charlie St. Cloud.  They all failed either critically or commercially, but it's the thought that counts.  It seemed like any kind of respectable career would elude him.  Now he's starring with Seth Rogen in the film Neighbors, and I have to say that it's the best-cast role he's been in so far.

Warning: Red Band Trailer

Yeah, he's a completely insufferable asshole, and that drives both his role and the entire plot.  Seth Rogen has been slipping in his last few movies (besides the fantastic This Is The End), but it looks like he's totally knocking it out of the park as the straight man here.  Efron even manages to bring some legitimate humor out with his douchebaggery.

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