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'Transformers 4' Gets a Title And A Poster

A few days ago, Craig posted a story about how the people over at Paramount were having to decide between several different titles for the long-awaited fourth installment in the Transformers series.  "Shit Get Dun Blowed Up" wasn't one of them, which is a shame because it's probably more appropriate than the title they eventually chose for it.  Said title was revealed with the release of the first official poster for the film.  Check it out after the jump.

One thing I've always found amusing about on-going franchises is the way that the world is constantly facing some ultimate apocalypse.  You'd think everyone would just get jaded about it after a while. "Oh, another evil machine is trying to destroy us? Meh, it'll all be sorted out in a day or two." It's not like this is the only Age of Extinction that mankind has ever face.

I've never hidden my contempt for the Transformers series, but this one does have the advantage of not starring Shia LaBeouf, which was the element that made the first so intolerable.

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