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'RoboCop' Trailer Gives Off the Wrong First Impression

By now, you may have a read a few articles regarding the troubles with the remake of RoboCop.  Well, there was one glaring issue that was talked about: the script. And when supposedly, some of that negativity comes from your director, that's no bueno.  I for one, have been cautiously optimsitic about what the final product will be. That's optimism stems mostly from the director and its quite awesome cast.  Well, we now have our first look at what will be coming our way in Feb and...maybe the director was on to something.  Take a look:

Now, being a big fan of the original, its hard not to look at this and do a quick comparison.  And while in some regards that's unfair to do, they're still remaking the movie.  My first impression is this looks like it will be a watered down PG-13 version (the studio may be taking this route after seeing how awful Dredd performed at the box office).  It also looks like they're going to focus more on the family side of things (something the original only did through flashbacks).  Which again, it could work, but this is a remake of RoboCop, not Kramer vs. Kramer...just saying.

Then there's the villian, which I presume will be Michael Keaton.  I love Keaton, but a villain he does not make. It would've been way cooler to have Gary Oldman take on that part, but who am I to say?  But Keaton's at first glance miscasting could be rectified if they nail the villain's henchman (which might turn out to be Jackie Earl Haley, who is only shown briefly in the trailer).  

RoboCop comes out in Feb, which might be a telltale sign of how good or bad this movie could turn out to be (Jan & Feb tend to be the time when studios dump films they have no confidence in).  I'll be honest though, I want to see a second trailer.  I want to see if all my fears are warranted or not. Hopefully this project works because it would be great to see a new kick ass RoboCop on the big screen.  As it stand right now though, Paul Verhoeven might have something else to bitch about (see his criticism of the Total Recall remake).


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