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First Trailer For 'The Giver' Shows Us A World Without Pain

They've released the first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the Louis Lowry classic children's novel The Giver, and results are...interesting to say the least.  Here's one aspect of the whole thing that I never actually anticipated: Hunger Games.  Or, rather that same visual style and atmosphere.  This may prove I'm an idiot, but I never made the connection between the recent slew of teen dystopian novel adaptations and the fact that this finally made its way out of development hell, but it's now a pretty obvious one.

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Movie Review: 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

Grand Budapest Hotel

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jude Law
Directed by Wes Anderson
Rated R


I’ve been pretty vocal about my feelings towards the state of Wes Anderson.  While I hold his earlier work with high regard, I started to become disenfranchised when Moonrise Kingdom came out.  Maybe it was petty nitpicking, but the movie and more importantly, how I started to view Anderson as a filmmaker, started to sour.  First off, Kingdom, for me, tried way too hard and never really connected on any points it was trying to make.  And the movie also further demonstrated that Anderson was a little too comfortable in his world, not wanting to push himself.   Then I saw the trailer for Grand Budapest Hotel…and my feelings never changed.  I felt that this would be the last time I saw an Anderson film…and then I saw the film.

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Pixar Reveals New Plans For 3D Rereleases

People complain about the modern day trend of rereleasing older films in 3D form, but I  welcome the trend.  Sometimes the upgrades are great, did you see the new version of Jurassic Park?  If nothing else, it means that I get to see classic films again at my local dollar theater.  And as good as the home theater setups might be nowadays, they're nothing in comparison to that classic cinema experience.  Now, Pixar's Josh Hollander has revealed what Pixar movies are next in the 3D rerelease queue.

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'Godzilla' Director Talks How To Keep The Monster Scary

In my last look at the fantastic trailer for the upcoming Godzilla reboot, I brought up the point that a big part of what gives the Toho monster movies their charm is their cheesiness, so it was worth wondering whether or not a serious adaptation would even work.  In a recent interview with SXSW, director Gareth Edwards commented on those issues and more, including Godzilla's design and what the Godzilla movies were really about at first.

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Movie Review: '300: Rise of an Empire'

300: Rise of an Empire

Starring Eva Green, Lena Headey, Sullivan Stapleton
Directed by Noam Murro
Rated R

I wasn’t a fan of 300 when it came out.  Well, let me clarify that statement.  I was sort of indifferent towards the movie.  That indifference though turned sour as it seemed that everyone I knew loved the movie and would heap praise upon praise like it was Empire Strikes Back.  That led me to start picking the movie apart scene by scene and at one point down right hating the film.  It certainly isn’t the best course of action to take with a movie but at the time that was my reaction.  After seeing the trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire and instantly thinking to myself “why bother”, I decided to rewatch 300 again.  That indifference I felt the first time is still there but I can now see why people really like it. And in fact, I did like some things about the film, but don't tell anyone.  I still wondered why creating a sequel to 300, without either Gerard Butler or Zack Snyder (although he is a producer and helped write the screenplay) in tow, was necessary or even a smart idea (but when it comes to profits, we all know what wins out in the end.  Rise of an Empire doesn't offer anything new, but I walked out of this movie feeling completely different than I did the first time around...what?

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