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Movie Trailer - 'Righteous Kill' with Pacino and De Niro

Several months ago, a trailer was leaked for the film Righteous Kill, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Given that it's only their second movie together (you can't really count Godfather Part II since they never shared a scene, so Heat's the only other credit they share unless I'm missing something really arcane) it's not surprising that the trailer was rushed online whenever there was something, anything to promote these two giant figures back in action.

But because the movie wasn't complete, the trailer was not very good. In fact, it was awful. Now we have a much more polished look at this fall's cop caper starring two of the most respected names in American film acting over the last half century. Hopefully, they can remember why they were that revered in the first place.

Righteous Kill will be in theaters on September 12th.


Rachel McAdams: Superheroine

rmcadams2.jpg?I would love to play a female superhero,? said Rachel McAdams in a recent sit down with MTV. ?It?s all sort of circumstantial and depends on the part and what comes up when and what you are doing in your life. But I do love graphic novels and I just think it?s just an exciting thing happening. Some of them are so beautiful.?

So when could we see the lovely Ms. McAdams as a superhero? In her mind, hopefully sooner than later. She's already auditioned for roles in the Batman, Fantastic Four and Iron Man films, but now McAdams seems content to look beyond the big ticket items.

?I just read this book, Black Orchid, and it?s a really interesting character,? the actress said. ?She?s a superhero that?s a flower. I don?t know if that would work or the audiences would be interested in that, but she was kind of cool.?

In the 20-year-old Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean graphic novel, the heroine is a flower, it's true, but she's more of a plant/human hybrid that can change her physical attributes, and can even fly.

And though McAdams has now professed her love for a lesser known graphic comic, that doesn't mean it has zero movie potential. Black Orchid is highly regarded for its colorful imagery and uniquel visuals, which could help open it up to a film adaptation really well.

And if McAdams is on board, that could help Black Orchid be the next in a long line of Hollywood graphic novel adaptations.


Slick New Trailers for Bourne Video Game, 'The Bourne Conspiracy'

We were tipped off about trailers for the new Bourne Conspiracy video game this afternoon by our high-ranking Bourne source, who then directed us to Cinema Blend to take a gander.

If there's a movie franchise from the past few years aching for a game, it was either Bourne or Are We There Yet?; I think we can all agree on that.

What makes a Bourne game so intriguing at the moment is the talk of a fourth film in the series - what will that look like, how will they raise the bar when that film happens - and maybe you can watch/play this game and see some action you'd love incorporated into the next installment of the franchise.

But based on the trailers, this game is long overdue.

Sierra Entertainment will develop the game for PS3 and Xbox 360, and it will be released this summer.


Movie Trailer - 'Anna Nicole' Bio-Pic Looks as Bad as You'd Think

It's the most anticipated motion picture of the year, about a small town girl who dared to make her dreams come true.

At least that's what the trailer for Anna Nicole wants us to believe. But I've got to tell you, after watching this, all I'm ready to believe is that Willa Ford is an atrocious actress. And frankly, I'm shocked.

This is one of those movies that so bad you almost have to watch it. Almost.


'Sopranos' Movie in the Works? Yes, Says Strip Club Manager

tonysoprano.jpgAnswering the not-so-silent wish of millions of Sopranos fans, Nick D'Urso, manager of Satin Dolls (the strip club known as Bada Bing in the show), says that renovations to his club were put on hold after Satin Dolls received a call about shooting scenes for a feature film in the establishment.

D'Urso told 1010 WINS in New York that he received "an inside tip that they?re going to do a movie, so I don?t want to make any major changes,? adding, ?I?m not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody [working] on the script.?

?If we remodeled it, they could always spend the money to recreate it the way they want to, but why bother?? D?Urso said. ?Even if it?s all for naught, I?d rather wait.?

The club has made some changes since the HBO series wrapped however; two stripper poles were sold on eBay last summer. No joke.

I guess everyone suspects there will someday be another venture for The Sopranos. Almost everything in pop culture exists twice, anyway. But if not this movie and not right now, Nick D'Urso says he's received several calls from reality shows interested in using the club as a location.

?If the right show comes along our way, we might be interested.?

That's when you know your strip club cares. He could sell out to anybody, but D'Urso is clearly a principled man looking for more than the easy buck. Unless it's time for the dollar dance.