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'Godzilla' Director Talks How To Keep The Monster Scary

In my last look at the fantastic trailer for the upcoming Godzilla reboot, I brought up the point that a big part of what gives the Toho monster movies their charm is their cheesiness, so it was worth wondering whether or not a serious adaptation would even work.  In a recent interview with SXSW, director Gareth Edwards commented on those issues and more, including Godzilla's design and what the Godzilla movies were really about at first.

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Movie Review: '300: Rise of an Empire'

300: Rise of an Empire

Starring Eva Green, Lena Headey, Sullivan Stapleton
Directed by Noam Murro
Rated R

I wasn’t a fan of 300 when it came out.  Well, let me clarify that statement.  I was sort of indifferent towards the movie.  That indifference though turned sour as it seemed that everyone I knew loved the movie and would heap praise upon praise like it was Empire Strikes Back.  That led me to start picking the movie apart scene by scene and at one point down right hating the film.  It certainly isn’t the best course of action to take with a movie but at the time that was my reaction.  After seeing the trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire and instantly thinking to myself “why bother”, I decided to rewatch 300 again.  That indifference I felt the first time is still there but I can now see why people really like it. And in fact, I did like some things about the film, but don't tell anyone.  I still wondered why creating a sequel to 300, without either Gerard Butler or Zack Snyder (although he is a producer and helped write the screenplay) in tow, was necessary or even a smart idea (but when it comes to profits, we all know what wins out in the end.  Rise of an Empire doesn't offer anything new, but I walked out of this movie feeling completely different than I did the first time around...what?

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Author of Divergent the Book Loves 'Divergent' the Movie. I'll Try To Avoid A Cynical Response

Ahh, to be the author of a successful YA novel, movie studios beating down your door for the rights to the book and that book getting turned into a big budget film starring the hot young actress of the moment. There is just one problem.  If your name isn't Twilight or The Hunger Games, then your movie adaptation has shit the bed.  The next one up to bat is Divergent and the author of the book wants you to know, the movie is awesome.

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Critical Hit's Month-Azaki Part 3: Princess Mononoke'

Everyone has their favorite Miyazaki film. Mine just happens to be Princess Mononoke, the one with the most explicitly japanese aesthetic, but the most western-friendly storyline.  Art can be strange sometimes.  Here's one more dose of irony: Princess Mononoke was a big inspiration for the art of Snow White and the Huntsman, a movie I completely despised.  Anyways, here's the latest episode of Critical Hit, talking about the action fantasy.  Next up will be our podcast about The Wind Rises. Enjoy!

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Oscar Night Debriefing

The Academy Awards can be a mixed bag.  On one hand, they are are one of the prime celebrations of the industry that I love so much.  On the other, they gave Best Picture to The Hurt Locker. Yeah, I still hate that movie.  Nonetheless, the Oscars this year were pretty damn good.  The Academy has been having trouble finding a reliable host for years, but they've found it with Ellen Degeneres.  She was biting and witty, but lacked the mean-spiritedness that Seth MacFarlane was criticized for.

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