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Weekend Box-Office Results: Ryan Reynolds, The King of Flops

Though he had the greater chance of having earn the most money earned this weekend, from the two movies he was starring in (one with his voice, at least) Ryan Reynolds failed to earn as much money than The Conjuring, which placed first this weekend. Not many people took too kindly to Turbo and even fewer saw R.I.P.D. I saw the latter and wished the film was more fun but others thought the film shouldn't have even been made. The Conjuring opened really well for a horror film being one of the biggest opening for an original R-rated horror film. 

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Movie Review: R.I.P.D.


Starring Ryan Reynolds,Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon
Directed by Robert Schwentke
Rated PG-13

Before the release of R.I.P.D. I felt as though it was getting a bad rap when it came to comparisons between Men In Black. I felt it was unfair and a bit of a stretch. After watching the film, I still feel that it’s a bit of a stretch, however, sorely lacks in the charm, charisma, comedy, and action in the 1997 comic book movie. With Ryan Reynolds and Jeff “The Dude” Bridges starring, R.I.P.D. could’ve made for a summer delight action-comedy, but it fails to keep it’s audience interested. This could’ve been a new franchise where every few years fans could get together to witness their favorite dead cops take down deados but I doubt a sequel will ever get lifted off the ground.


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Fearless Forecast: 'RED 2' and 'Turbo' Win Over Audience

After Pacific Rim bombed last week at the box-office and Grown Ups 2 placed second behind Despicable Me 2, what will be the number movie this weekend? Four brand new movies are opening this weekend, one getting the head start by opening yesterday. Turbo, The Conjuring, R.I.P.D., and Red 2 are all competing to earn that number one spot. The two movies that have the greater chance of being number one are Turbo and RED 2, while the others will land somewhere between the middle.

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Blu-Ray Releases: July 16th, 2013

There are only three movies that should be on your list of movies to buy this week and one of them has a terrible f'ing cover. 42, the Jackie Robinson story, is out for people who want to own or rent and Evil Dead is out on store shelves for you to watch over and over and over again. Just me? Yeah, those special features is what makes me want to purchase a blu-ray in the first place. Plus there's Sly Stallone's Bullet To The Head, which I heard was a fun movie. Take any of these movies for what it's worth. 



Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford. Directed by Brian Helgeland

A biographical tale of Jackie Robinson when he signs to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers and faces scrutiny for the color of his skin. 

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Weekend Box-Office Results: 'Despicable Me 2' Over Powers 'Grown Ups' in 'Pacific Rim'

It was a disappointing weekend this weekend. After my terrible guess that Pacific Rim would perform exceptionally well, it flopped placing below Grown Ups 2. The film is for a niche market with all the references to video games, comics and more, so I guess that's why it failed to catch on. Also, many people who don't know anything about the project will see it as another Transformers or Power Rangers rip-off. 


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