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Movie Review: 'Red 2'

Red 2

Starring: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Mary Louise Parker, Anthony Hopkins
Directed by Dean Parisot
Rated PG-13


Whether we want them to be or not, sequels are going to be in our lives until they literally stop making movies.  And with big films, particularly with summer films, anything with an original arc that is going to cost a studio a couple of bucks is an will continue to be, a dying breed.  I don’t mind sequels, for the most part.  Sure some of them make you scratch your head in confusion as to whey they are being made but some end up actually improving upon the original in some way.  Red, a film that came out in 2010 and carried with it the distinction of being that movie where Helen Mirren plays an assassin did better than anyone expected it to.  I liked Red.  I walked into it only because I wanted to kill a couple of hours and lets face it, it had a good quality cast.   I walked out pleasantly surprised.  So when I started seeing promotional stuff for Red 2, I thought, “Well, I can get on board with this”.  I walked out of Red 2 with a completely different reaction than Red.  That reaction you might ask…”f**k this”.

Yes, Red 2 squanders away any and all goodwill left by its predecessor.   Squander might be too lax of a word, it annihilates with hurricane level 5 forces, any and all goodwill left by its predecessor.  Is it the actors fault?  Yes.  Is it the director’s fault?  Yes.  Is it the scripts fault?  Yes.  I don’t know if I can find really anything good to say about Red 2.  Sure I’ll try as this reviews carries on, but I may be sitting at my computer for a while trying to find that positive spin. Oh wait…I found one.  I’m not sitting in a theater watching Red 2 anymore.  That’s positive right?

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Movie Review: 'Hitchcock'


Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson

Directed by Sacha Gervassi
Rated PG-13


When we all heard that Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were making a biopic of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, I think we all assumed it would be a winner.  The big problem is, the filmmakers seemed to have just assumed it, too.

The film focuses on the director starting with the release of North by Northwest and covers the making of his most controversial film: Psycho.  And it wasn't only controversial because of its content.  It may seem strange in a time where Psycho is his best known film, but for a filmmaker as revered as he was to make a gritty slasher about a transvestite serial killer felt a bit like if it were announced that Christopher Nolan were directing a remake of Showgirls.  It was so strange the plan was enough to throw his entire reputation into question.  Alfred Hitchcock wound up having to finance the entire $800,000+ motion picture by himself, risking complete personal and professional ruin if it failed.

That would have been enough of a good story, but the film primarily focuses on his relationship with his wife and co-producer Alma Reville (Mirren).  Their relationship…isn't much of a relationship.  They sleep in separate beds, casually put each other down, and regularly have emotional affairs with others.  For Hitchcock, it's his stalker-esque relationship with many attractive leading ladies.  For her, it's a friendship with writer Whitfield Cook (Danny Huston).

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Hopkins' 'Hitchcock' is Psychotically Impressive in Trailer

Much like the amazing transformation of Daniel Day-Lewis into Spielberg's Lincoln, Anthony Hopkins' look and demeanor portraying legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock is equally impressive.  Expect early Oscar talk for both actors.  After seeing set photos and posters (like the partial one above) I'm overly eager to feast my eyes upon a trailer for Hitchcock

And now that I have, I'm officially awe struck by this glimpse at the movie and super excited to watch it in theater on November 23rd.

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New 'Hitchcock' Poster is Spookily Accurate

Between this and Daniel Day Lewis in Spielberg's Lincoln, it looks like it's the season of biopics where stars look incredibly close to the real thing.  In this case, it's Anthony Hopkins playing Alfred Hitchcock in Hitchcock, no doubt sporting some facial prosthetics in order to get the look just right.  Few directors are quite as recognizable as the famed creator of classics like Psycho, North By Northwest, and The Birds, and they really managed to nail it.

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'R.E.D. 2' Adds Harry Potter Alum David Thewlis

Before director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) gets rolling on RED 2, his bosses at Summit Entertainment have provided him with another big name to add to his roster of stars.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Thewlis, best known as Remus Lupin to Harry Potter fans, will join Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the ensemble action comedy.  Thewlis has joined the cast as a character called “The Frog”.

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