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'Dark Knight Rises' Fight Scene! Batman vs. Bane, Guess Who Wins?

Bane? No, probably not but the footage doesn't show who actually won.  WPIX captured the scene from the set of Dark Knight Rises but don't expect some crazy stunts or any of the punches connecting.  It's more like play fight and the whole thing is obviously choreographed.  However, it's always interesting to see how the shots are filmed and then ultimately altered to make it look authentic and real.

In the brawl, Christian Bale's character Batman, beats up Tom Hardy's character Bane up a flight of stairs.  In the end, the two shake hands and they probably did another take to get it right.  There's also a bunch of policeman fighting in the background as well.  Now that you saw this, when you watch the film, you can say, "I know how that was filmed!"

Check it out:

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Catwoman on the Set of 'The Dark Knight Rises' 

As they continue to film The Dark Knight Rises in the streets of Pittsburgh, many people are taking notice with their cameras.  A photographer took a image of Catwoman on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.  Catwoman is played by Anne Hathaway but as you can see that is not Anne Hathaway on the bike.  It's a stuntdouble driving the bike down the steps.

Couple of reactions.  First, I think Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice for Catwoman.  In my opinion that just doesn't look right.  But then again, technically she's playing Selina Kyle and not Catwoman.  Below is the image of Hathaway on the bike:

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3 Tumblers Spotted in Pittsburgh for 'Dark Knight Rises' 

Three Tumblers from the film Dark Knight Rises have been seen cruising around streets of Pittsburgh couple days ago.  Obviously in the world with camera phones, there are about four or five of these videos floating around in YouTube, but I figure I'd show you the best one.  

I gotta say, although most of these Tumblers features are for show, the engines in these things sound pretty mean.  They are fitted with a Chevy V8 so I'm sure these things can take off if they want to.  However, handling is probably prett shitty given those huge rear tires. 

The Dark Knight Rises releases July 20th 2012.  Check out the footage below:

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'The Dark Knight Rises': Tom Hardy Discusses Bane

With both official and unofficial set-photos trickling onto the web, it comes as no surprise that we'll be getting some actual information on the film however evasive. So begins a fanboys quest to gather any and all pertinent information on plot, costumes, etc. for The Dark Knight Rises. It begins with Tom Hardy who spoke with Total Film on him portraying Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, the third and last entry in Christopher Nolan's Batman mythos.

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The Dark Knight Rises On-Set Photos and Videos

The photo above is a screenshot from the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises, which just leaves you wanting to see more.  Principal photography began only a few days ago in Pittsburgh and will continue to shoot for four to six weeks.  At first, hints were being dropped as to what was being filmed until multiple videos were captured of a prison breakout scene.

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