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Marvel To Drop Out Of Comic-Con As Well

Less than two weeks ago I wrote about major Hollywood studios pulling out from Comic-Con, choosing not to display their big tent-pole comic book superhero movies. Therefore is comes as no surprise that Marvel too has decided to pull out from showcasing any of their upcoming films at the convention. Some may think that Comic-Con is the perfect place to market their films to devoted fanbase's, but a certain tide has changed. 

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Licensing Expo Reveals New Promotional Posters For Anticipated Films

In the wake of the Licensing Internation Expo opening in Las Vegas on Wednesday June 15, fanboys are going to be seeing a lot creative materials for their anticipated film and/or franchise. Collider does clarify that these "images aren’t official marketing materials, these are some of the biggest properties around, so it’s pretty cool to get a look at some title/logo work." As seen above with next summer's hotly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises from director Christopher Nolan.

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'The Dark Knight Rises': New Viral Videos Indicate Trouble at Arkham Asylum

Tom Hardy as "Bane" in The Dark Knight Rises.

It was about two week ago that we got our first official glimpse of Tom Hardy as Bane (pictured above) after some decoding on the official site for The Dark Knight Rises. News come today that we got three new viral videos. Under the Youtube username of "The Fire Rises", the same who uploaded the picture of Bane, has released three videos that indicate some sort of trouble at Arkham Asylum. Check out the videos below:

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David Slade Directing 'Daredevil' Reboot

Fresh off his Academy Award Razzie nomination for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, director David Slade has booked his next job.  And it's big.  The Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director will be taking the reigns of the Daredevil reboot for Marvel and 20th Century Fox.  Now, some of you might be groaning seeing the director of a Twilight film taking on this project, but Slade is a very talented, capable director.  His resume up to Eclipse was solid and he did all he could with what was given to him on that film, ultimately making the best Twilight flick to date.  But you can only polish a turd so much.

Speaking of turds, have you gotten that Daredevil film from 8 years ago out of your head yet?  Ya know, the one with Ben Affleck hopping around rooftops in a red leather onesie?  I sure haven't.  And I hope you haven't either, seeing as how this "reboot" may not be much of a reboot after all.

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Sony Buys 'Zombies vs Robots' Comic Book Adaptation

After my last posting about E.T. 2, you might think this headline is for a fake film as well.  I mean, Zombies vs Robots?  C'mon.  That's not a movie, that's the kick-ball game you see at Comic Con waiting in line for Hall H.  Well, depending on how your mind works, this film is fortunately/unfortunately happening.

Sony has purchased a spec script from video game writer turned big screen writer/director J.T. Petty based on the IDW comic of the same name.  Oh, but this story gets better.  If there was one filmmaker on the planet who would sell his soul (or what little of it he has left) for a chance to be a part of a film entitled Zombies vs Robots, who would you guess that might be?  I'll give you a hint: his name rhymes with Schmichael Schmay.

Hit the jump for more details and the film's synopsis (surprisingly, there's more to it than just zombies and robots).

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