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No, You Aren't Paranoid, Trailer For 'Paranoia' Gives You Everything

About two or three weeks ago, the National Association of Theatres Owners put out a call to Hollywood to shorten movie trailers.  Their beef (on the record) was that the trailers were getting too long, showing the audience way too much thus making moviegoers cranky and ultimately never paying to see the movie when it’s released.   I bring this up because of the trailer released for Paranoia, the new movie starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Chris Hemsworth’s lesser talented brother Liam.  After watching the trailer, you’ll feel like you’ve seen the movie.

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‘Star Wars Episode VII’ to Bring Back Princess Leia

A long time ago in a theater not too far far away, Carrie Fisher was the hottest Princess in a metal bikini anyone had ever seen.  While we do not wish to see her don that suit ever again, today’s news that she will indeed reprise her iconic role in Star Wars: Episode VII, does make us happy all the same.  With the recent news that Harrison Ford will be back as Han, it appears that Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams are intent to get the old gang back together.  

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Han Solo Gets An Invitation to the Pants Party Known as 'Anchorman 2'

No Harrison, you're starring in Anchorman 2, not Anchorman 3...

My confidence in the awesomeness that may end up being Anchorman 2 grows with each new day.  Not only do you have the original cast all back, but Kristen Wiig and supposedly, John C. Reilly (although probably only a cameo) will tag along for the ride.  And know it looks like one Mr. Harrison Ford is going to dip his feet into the Anchorman pool.   Because as we all know, casting Harrison Ford 60 percent of the time works all the time. Plus he smells of rich mahogany.

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Ford Shoots First! Return As Solo for 'Episode VII' A Done Deal?

You're all clear, kid, lets sign this deal and go home!

Without a lot of Star Wars news over the past few days, I almost forgot there was a new movie coming out…kidding, how can you forget?   It’s Star Wars, it’s Disney, it’s bigger than all of us.  With that being said, there is a rumor, which might not be shocking at all, or just might be a huge deal, depending on how much information you’ve ingested over the past few months regarding the franchise.  What’s the rumor? Well it seems like our ol’ pal Harrison Ford is set to return as Han Solo.

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Ford & Oldman Prop Up Young Star in 'Paranoia' Image

How do you sell movie goers on a new thriller starring Liam (not Thor) Hemsworth?  The answer is easy, surround him with popular veteran actors like Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford.  We have a new image from said movie, Paranoia, of this trio lining up for a photo opportunity, and even here it seems as if Oldman and Ford are propping up the young star.

In Robert Luketic's new film, corporate espionage is the name of the game, and Hemsworth plays it as an entry level up and comer, Adam Cassidy

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