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Three New 'Iron Man 3' Screenshots

The people at Marvel have done a very good job at keeping the real details about Iron Man 3's plot a secret to us.  The Dark Knight Rises this is not.  There's pretty much nothing we know about the plot that they don't want us to know, and dropped in so many little hints that we can debate about (google Mandarin's neck tattoo if you don't believe me).  Today, Marvel has released three new screenshots with one little detail that will keep that chatter going.

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'Iron Man 3' Art Shows An Army of Suits To Blow Up

When you think about how many iterations we've seen the Iron Man suit, it's a little surprising that we haven't seen more variety. Circle chest piece, triangle chest piece, circle chest piece.  It's a CGI change and little else.  There have been rumors of what exactly Iron Man's latest suit in Iron Man 3 can do, ranging from space travel to controlling a small army of other suits.  The latter is starting to seem more plausible after a released piece of promotional artwork.

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Extended 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Gives Us A Snippet of the Mandarin's Madness

Advertising costs for Superbowl Ads are probably more then any of us make in a year, but it seems that studios have finally found a way to subvert that, reducing the required air time for a mid-game trailer.  People who watched the game were treated to a very brief clip of new Iron Man 3 footage, with a the promise of an extended version for viewers if they went to the film's facebook page.  Here's the trailer:

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New 'Iron Man 3' Shows Stark Falling From Grace

Of all the things we know from the one Iron Man 3 trailer that's been released, the one that sticks in my mind the most is that the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley's character) wants to destroy Iron Man.  Not necessarily in the physical way, though I'm sure that's on his list, but he wants to destroy the very ideas of heroics that Iron Man represents.  We can only guess how that will happen but some release promotion art certainly shows the physical side of that plan.

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Kevin Feige Let's Us In On Tony's Mental State in 'Iron Man 3'

After the action-extravaganza that was The Avengers, it's a little hard to see how any of the continuing individual franchises would move on.  The Iron Man films are the most reality-grounded of all the Marvel films, after all.  In the case of Iron Man 3, you incorporate that craziness into the plot, and make the main character himself realize just how anticlimactic fighting alone is afterwards.  At least, that's the gist of what Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige said in an interview with MTV.

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