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A Zack Snyder 'Justice League' Movie? In 2017? How Do You Like Them Apples?

Now that we are almost a full year removed from Man of Steel, how is everyone still feeling about the movie?  I know a few people who were on board when it came out but have now decided that  Zack Snyder can "suck it".  Personally, I still really like the movie and happy to see Snyder redeem himself a bit.  Snyder is in the midst of going for broke with the sequel Batman vs. Superman, but once that movie is completed it seems Snyder and his cast of thousands are quickly jumping into something else...a Justice League movie.

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Jaw-Dropping Rumor For Batman Casting Decision

With the decision to bring back Batman in their Man of Steel sequel, the one casting decision everyone's fingers are feverishly about is who will play the caped crusader.  Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, even another appearance by Christian Bale, no matter how little sense that might make.  A supposedly reliable source for that has given us an actor who is said to be a shoe-in for the part.  Trust me, you aren't going to believe this.

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Storm of Comic-Con Info On Every Superhero Movie Ever (See: 'Avengers 2' and 'Batman/Superman' Mashup)

When times are so crazy that an awesome Guillermo Del Toro about giant robots can be a box office disappointment, we need a source of stability in the geek world.  It's good news that Comic-Con was just around the corner, and it was one where we gone some pretty illuminating information.  Luckily this is an age of the internet, and we can get all of that information without being there. Here's some stuff from the Marvel and DC movie universes.

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How it Should Have Ended: 'Man of Steel' Gets a Better Ending

Man of Steel was pretty awesome.  And while there are many who feel that way, the movie does have its critics.  Which side of the fence are you on?  Are you all in with Zach Snyder and gang?  Or did you feel the movie was maybe a bit too long?  Or perhaps the ending was too over the top?  Or maybe, you may feel that Batman needed to be in the movie?  Well for all those in the latter categories I present the following video: Man of Steel- How it should’ve ended.

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'Man of Steel 2' To Hit Theaters Faster Than A Speeding Bullet?

If you're on this website, there's a good chance that you've already seen Man of Steel.  I don't know which side of the fench you might fall on, but I liked it, along with Craig Dietz. You can read his review here.  No matter what the critics might be saying, it's been bringing home the bank, and in this business, that means a sequel.  But not one we'll be seeing in four years, or three years, or even two.  Could we see another Superman film next year?

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