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Movie Review: 'RoboCop'


Starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by Jose Padilha
Rated PG-13

Depending on which side of the fence you reside on, 1987’s RoboCop is either a great footnote in cinema or it’s a pure junk pop cinematic experience.    I tend to think it’s the latter.  Yes, I love RoboCop mightly  and you can’t argue that the movie didn’t nail what it set out to achieve, but like a lot of Paul Verhoeven’s films, there are moments where the word cringe comes into play.  I guess that’s the beauty of Paul Verhoeven and for a stretch of time back in the day; there was no one like him.  With this being the second Verhoeven film to get a remake (the first being the truly awful Total Recall remake), there was more than a fair share of people (including myself) who felt remaking RoboCop was crossing the line a little bit.  What could someone do to enhance and improve upon the original?  It’s a question that tries to get answered in RoboCop circa 2014.  And while the movie held my attention, it also did more wrong than good.

The idea of a police state and a world that has technology protecting us seems more prevalent now than it did back in 1987.  And had the original film come out today, I have no doubt in my mind that the enthusiasm and love for it would remain intact.  If you watch it today, the original ages really well.  Hell even the special effects looks pretty good.  So again the question is asked, why remake it at all?  I still don’t have an answer for that and I could spend an infinite amount of time trying to figure it out, I’ll instead just take a deep breath and try to watch RoboCop, circa 2014, with as much as a open mind as I possibly could.  The results of this film are somewhat surprising, given not only the fanboy backlash, but a leaked script that showed how awful this film could have been and trailers that left you with a “who gives a shit” response. New RoboCop will probably be forgotten pretty quickly, but at least its leaps and bounds better than the Total Recall remake, even better than RoboCop 2 or 3, but that's not really saying much.

The new RoboCop, just like the first one, centers on Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) a Detroit cop, who is just trying to do some good.  But Murphy crosses paths with the wrong people, resulting suffering life threatening injuries from his car blowing up. But Murphy's life is spared thanks to Omnicorp, who use Murphy as a guinea pig of sorts.  You see Omnicorp is looking to install their robots on U.S soil as protection against all the evil that lurks in the shadows.  But Omnicorp has a bad image problem and hope that installing a little humanity into one of it's machines will help sway the public to their side.  But Omnicorp is divided on how to proceed between it's founder Raymond Sellars (MIchael Keaton) and the doctor who put Murphy back together, Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman).  But Murphy starts to recall how his demise came about and sets out to bring down the hammer of justice.  

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'RoboCop' Trailer Gives Off the Wrong First Impression

By now, you may have a read a few articles regarding the troubles with the remake of RoboCop.  Well, there was one glaring issue that was talked about: the script. And when supposedly, some of that negativity comes from your director, that's no bueno.  I for one, have been cautiously optimsitic about what the final product will be. That's optimism stems mostly from the director and its quite awesome cast.  Well, we now have our first look at what will be coming our way in Feb and...maybe the director was on to something.  Take a look:

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More Bad News for 'RoboCop', Bumped to 2014

The RoboCop reboot just can't catch a break.  Some fans can't stand the cyborg cop's new armor.  A draft of the script was allegedly leaked online and described as laughable, plus director Jose Padilha has complained about the lack of creative control on the film.  Could it possibly get any worse for a project already plagued with issues?  Apparently so...

According to Box Office Mojo, two upcoming movies have flip flopped release dates with RoboCop drawing the short end of the stick.

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New 'RoboCop' Suit is Revealed Once and For All?

The RoboCop remake has probably fielded more media scrutiny recently than the Total Recall remake, despite the fact production just started earlier today.  Why is that?  Because fake pictures of the new armor were released earlier this summer?  The script allegedly leaked online and was awful beyond words?  Was it Jose Padilha complaining to Spanish media about lack of creative control?  It's hard to say...

Put all previous issues aside for a moment, and realize the first official look at the new RoboCop is finally upon us.

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'RoboCop' Finds a Villain in Michael Keaton to Replace Hugh Laurie

The mystical higher power of movie making can give and it can take.  Recently it was announced that Hugh Laurie would no longer be playing the villain in the new RoboCop remake.  Rumors swirled over who would play the adversary of the robotically enhanced Alex Murphy with some saying Clive Owen would step up.  The news of a casting change doesn't seem so bad with breaking word that Michael Keaton will be filling the cold space that Laurie once occupied.  Though we lose Dr. House, we gain a Batman.

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