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Bane as James Bond? Let's Discuss Shall We?

Do you think in our lifetime, we'll see the demise of the Bond franchise?  That we'll see that  moment when it profits and quality are equal to that of the last two Police Academy movies and starring a washed up Taylor Lautner?  It's food for thought, but as of right now, The Bond franchise is firing on all cylinders.  And as Daniel Craig finishes his tenure (he has 2 more movies left on his contract), who will be the next one to wear the Bond crown?  Could it be Hardy...Tom Hardy?

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'Mad Max: Fury Road' Still Without a Release Date, Now With Reshoots

It still seems like fanboy imagination, the idea of a new Mad Max movie.  But we're getting one..supposedly.  Mad Max: Fury Road filmed in 2012 but we have yet to see any awesome evidence of its existence. There was some scuttlebut (mostly internet fueled) that we might see the movie sometime later this year.  Well Mad Max fans, that wait may take even longer as Fury Road is set to go back in front of the cameras later this year for reshoots.  Since when did George Miller turn into Terrence Malick?

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First Pick of Tom Hardy Taking The Torch From Gibson In 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

There's been a huge question mark over whether or not a fourth installment in the Mad Max series would happen for literally decades. The most recent edition, Mad Max: Fury Road, was set to start filming in 2010, but an unexpected monsoon pretty much destroyed the production.  Ironically, it was that monsoon that allowed Tom Hardy to be Bane in Dark Knight Rises.  Recently, filming started again and was completed, and a released autographed photo from Ain't it Cool News shows what to expect from Hardy.

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'Prometheus' Star Slides Next to Tom Hardy for 'Animal Rescue'

All Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy did last summer was subject movie fans to unforgettable performances in two incredibly hyped up blockbusters, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises respectively.  The pair may find themselves lined up for similar success, only this time on the same screen for Dennis Lehane's next story turned feature film Animal Rescue, Deadline reported.

Fox Searchlight added Hardy last month to portray a bartender with a bad past, who takes in an abused pit bull only to find himself on the previous criminal owner's naughty list shortly after.

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Tom Hardy to Sneak Onto 'Splinter Cell'

Following his stint as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, a character who is not known for subtlety, it looks like Tom Hardy will be decidedly stealthier during his next foray in the action world.  THR reports that the British actor will sign on to play the role of special agent Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell, adapted from Ubisoft's acclaimed stealth-action game series.

Ubisoft will be developing the project in-house as they’ve been doing with the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, starring Michael Fassbender.

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