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First Trailer For 'Boyhood', A Film 12 Years In The Making

Some time around 2007 or 2008. I was trolling around IMDB and happened to come upon director Richard Linklater's page. His most recent project was one called Boyhood, and the description said that it was a movie that would be filmed over the course of 12 years so that the actors could age in real time.  I promptly forgot about it until a couple of days ago when the trailer was finally released.  Check it out after the jump.

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First Trailer For 'The Giver' Shows Us A World Without Pain

They've released the first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the Louis Lowry classic children's novel The Giver, and results are...interesting to say the least.  Here's one aspect of the whole thing that I never actually anticipated: Hunger Games.  Or, rather that same visual style and atmosphere.  This may prove I'm an idiot, but I never made the connection between the recent slew of teen dystopian novel adaptations and the fact that this finally made its way out of development hell, but it's now a pretty obvious one.

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First 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Embraces The Weirdness

It's a new Marvel lineup, but Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are nowhere to be found.  Instead, we get Chris Pratt, a tree voiced by Vin Diesel, and an intelligent raccoon.  Needless to say, Guardians of the Galaxy is a considerably bigger risk than the movie about the Norse God.  After a few screenshots and a leaked trailer, we finally get what we were all waiting for: A full blown trailer.  And it doesn't try to hide its weirdness...for the most part.

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Steve Coogan Does What Steve Coogan Does Best in 'Alan Partridge' Trailer

One of my favorite movies is 24 Hour Party People.  One of the big reasons for my all out love affair with the movie (outside of a really witty script) is the performance of Steve Coogan.  When the guy is playing someone who's sort of, or just an all around dick, the man is spot on.  Well, let me back that up, he's plays a dick in a lot of movies, but some of those movies don't quite know how to use him.  Alan Partridge, Coogan's newest movie, doesn't seem to have that problem.  Check out the trailer.

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Movie Review - Profile of a Killer

These days independent films are pushing into the spotlight and taking over the center stage of blockbusters, so confetti is popping and there's dancing in the streets. Indies are fun! They're where it's at and festivals are showcasing original film making that is impressing viewers who are thirsty for artistic originality.

One of the most captivating aspects of independent film is the freedom to discuss the unspoken, to engage through motivated storytelling and creating for the sake of passion, not the paycheck.

We get that in Profile of a Killer.

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