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Ferrell And Wahlberg To Team Up Again For 'Turkey Bowl'


Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are at it again, teaming for the comedy Turkey Bowl. Last year, they gave us The Other Guys, which was farely under-rated in my opinion. Warner Bros. has picked up the project, which is about two guys from football-obsessed towns who lead rival teams in an annual tackle football game.

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Trailer for Will Ferrell's 'Casa de Mi Padre' Looks Funny in Any Language

Did any of us really think that the funniest man on the planet, Will Ferrell was seriously entertaining the idea of starring in a Spanish language movie?  Well...I certainly didn't think there was a chance in hell his interest was genuine. 

Now I find myself flabbergasted with the trailer I just watched for Ferrell's next movie Casa de Mi Padre (House of my Father), and how painfully funny it looks despite not being in English.  The previously untitled spanish comedy co-stars familiar actors in Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna (pictured below). 

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Funny Trailer for Beastie Boys Inspired Short Film 'Fight for Your Right Revisted'

Three things I love will be joining forces for an epic short film to be released at the Sundance Film Festival:  The Beastie Boys (my all-time favorite band), Hollywood's biggest stars (Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride pictured below) and last but not least some good old fashioned comedy.  Ch-Check It Out...Beastie Boys head honcho, Adam Yauch, otherwise known as MCA will be dropping science by bringing his newest project Fight for Your Right Revisted to the famous film festival.  

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'Everything Must Go', Including Will Ferrell's Shirts

If you haven't seen Stranger Than Fiction, it may surprise you to learn that Will Ferrell can actually act. And he's pretty damn good in that movie, too. In fact, if you haven't seen Stranger Than Fiction, go add it to your Netflix queue now before reading the rest of this. It's really good.

Ferrell's next film is called Everything Must Go, and by the sounds of it, this one will give us another chance to see the usual funnyman actually bust out some of those legitimate acting chops again. We've got a plot summary and a first look at the movie's poster for you below.

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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Working on a 'Step Brothers' Rap Album?

Rumor Mill:  Today's rumor comes to us courtesy of director Adam McKay tweeting that Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, or the creators of Prestige Worldwide will be making a rap album.

Apparently, McKay sent out a tweet saying "Are we currently working on a Step Brothers rap album?  Yup."

Early guesses are that this could be a hoax, something McKay and Ferrell plan to post on their site Funny or Die, or as a publicity stunt for a Step Brothers sequel.  Last summer Step Brothers co-star Richard Jenkins told the folks at that he'd spoken with McKay about doing Step Brothers 2, and he seemed to think another one was inevitable. 

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