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'Men in Black III' Trailer is More of the Same

Here come the Men in Black...again.  For Men in Black III, franchise director Barry Sonnenfeld has brought time travel into the mix as well as Josh Brolin to portray a young Agent K (usually Tommy Lee Jones) alongside Will Smith's Agent J.  Other than those new little tidbits, MIB III looks just like its predecessors.  Of course, MIB III will be in 3D...

The films first trailer was released today, after the new poster (pictured above, partially) hit the web weeks ago.

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New Migraine-Inducing 'Men In Black 3' Poster Released

The Men in Black series is one I have to admit I never liked, even before the incredibly lazy Men in Black II that most people shared my distaste for.  The sheer boredom with which Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones dispense of alien villainy always kind of killed the suspense.  Granted, that was supposed to be one of the series' main jokes, but I never found it to be very funny.  But now, as Men in Black III nears it's release date, they've released a poster that gave me a headache.  And not for the reasons you probably think.

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'Syriana' Writer Brought on For M. Night Shyamalan Script Polishing

Yes, this man still has a Hollywood career

The first thing I remember thinking after reading this was "What, someone is still letting him make movies?" M. Night Shyamalan's career had been fledgling ever since 2004's The Village, with each of his films getting worse and worse, eventually culminating in the absolutely wretched The Last Airbender.  Nonetheless, he was given the reigns to a script from writer Gary Whitta called One Thousand A.E. Shyamalan proceeded to rewrite it in order to "fit his needs" (*shudder*).  Afterwards, writer Stephen Gaghan was brought on board to handle rewrites before shooting begins.

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'Oldboy' Remake is NOT Dead and it's going to be a Spike Lee Joint?

3 years ago we heard that Will Smith was attempting to set up a remake of Park Chan-Wook's revenge thriller Oldboy and Steven Spielberg might produce or even direct it. Fortunately or unfortunately rights issues supposedly complicated the situation so much (meaning it would've cost too much for the rights) that DreamWorks decided to walk away and that seem to be the last fried dumpling (straw) for the remake. Wait there's more... now this week it appears that the U.S. remake is still moving forward, and a big name director is circling it. Would you believe that big name director is Spike Lee?

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Clint Eastwood Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for 'A Star is Born' Reimaging?

It must be nice to be considered or even sought after by today's top directors. For Leonardo DiCaprio it's a reality. Just after Quentin Tarantino wanted him in his next film and now Clint Eastwood reportedly wants him for his next project as well. After finishing up work on J. Edgar (due to be released December 14 2011), Clint will tackle a remake of the show biz drama/musical A Star is Born for Warner Bros. Yes, that’s right, Clint is directing a musical. For those unfamiliar, the story of A Star is Born centers on a movie star who helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as his own career wanes due to age and alcoholism. The beautiful Beyonce Knowles has already joined the film as the up-and-coming star and Leo, should he sign on, would naturally play the established performer.

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