Setting Expectations: The Key to High-Functioning Teams

High-performing teams are one of the hallmarks of a successful organization. When the teams in the company work well together and communicate effectively, they are better at managing tasks and are likelier to meet company-wide performance benchmarks. While there are several characteristics of high-functioning teams, one of the most important things any manager can do to ensure good performance from his or her team is to set expectations.  Making your expectations clear to team members and helping Read more [...]

The Difference in Private, Public, and International Schools in China

Education in China is continually growing and parents are eager to send their kids to school there. The national government has instituted a “Nine Year Compulsory Education Program” for all citizens of the country. In this educational campaign, education is free; therefore, the number of students attending middle schools in China or other learning institutions at different levels are increasing each year. Even though it is free, there are additional fees that need to be paid for, such as uniforms, Read more [...]

Tips On Video Editing Course

The world of media production is one of the very few industries that experiences continual growth despite the unpredictable state of today’s economy.  It seems as though everything from entertainment to small business development is using various types of media to reach their audience for a wide range of purposes. To make it in the world of media production individuals must make the decision to earn their degree from a well trusted educational institute such as Pro School of Media Production.  Read more [...]

Degree in Criminal Justice from Portland State University

Portland State University leads the way when it comes to online educational opportunities. This includes a top of the line program through which a person can obtain a bachelors in criminal justice online. An online education in criminal justice from Portland State University represents both a convenient as well as an affordable for traditional and non-traditional students alike. Through an online education in criminal justice at Portland State University, a person can obtain a degree and beyond Read more [...]

Master’s Degree Programs are Most Popular

There's a changing frontier when it comes to higher education, as more and more universities are making it possible for a wider student base with online learning. In fact, universities all across the nation are increasing their student acceptance rate by offering more degrees online. The MBA degree, like the one offered at, is steadfastly becoming one of the most popular master’s degree programs being offered to students. Wits its hands on learning and applicable knowledge Read more [...]

How to Manage an Off-site Workforce

Globalization has impacted the workplace in various ways with one of its prominent benefits being the potential for reduced costs and competitive advantages associated with hiring remote workers. Whether your employees are half way around the world, or simply working from home, the attractive concept of off-site work has various benefits for all involved parties. On an individual level, employees benefit from increased flexibility and a healthier work-life balance, while on a corporate level, your Read more [...]

The power of the online community and the impact on your reputation

Online communities drive the web, they are the spark which helped create the internet and the engine which continues to power it. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and email newsletters can provide a good solid foundation for a thriving online community. They give you the opportunity to gain meaningful feedback and receive ideas to help you improve and grow your business. Just the fact that you ask for a response or reply to a question posed by one of your customers online, will have a massive impact Read more [...]

The Seven Best Industries To Work In

Whether taking your first tentative steps onto the career path you hope will set you up for life or seeking a dramatic change from your usual line of work, knowing what route to take can be a difficult and daunting task. With such a diverse range of employment opportunities, each offering their own advantages, you may not even know where to begin looking. If that is the case, then here are a number of the most popular industries to work in and why so many people choose to make their living in this Read more [...]

Gadgets that Speed Up (or Slow Down) Productivity

We live in a high speed world. Everything needs to be done ASAP or before to remain competitive.   Good internet plans have become as necessary as the people who use them. The advent of Wi-Fi, smart phones and other gadgets that can access the internet on the go, means those even the daily commute to and from the job has become an opportunity to get more work done. But which of the many gadgets on the market are really cost effective?   Which ones actually boost productivity Read more [...]