If Your Customer Service Department Aren’t Providing Real Time Online Support Then They Aren’t Doing Their Job

It used to be a nice added extra. Something that would be pitched by the customer service managers at a budget meeting, but essentially taken out of the final proposal because of budget restrictions. It’s called real-time online support. And if you have been to a strong retailer’s website in recent times you have likely seen it offered. It’s the small box at the bottom of your screen on a number of websites that offers you online help. While you might be forgiven for thinking that this was Read more [...]

Why Your Business Should Offer English Business Courses to Your Staff

All businesses know the importance of providing regular training to their employees. However, one type of training they don’t tend to consider is English. After all, if your staff all speak English as a first language, why would they need an additional English course? Well, you might just be surprised by the benefits a business English course can bring to your company. What is a business English course and how can they help? Business English courses, such as the ones provided by the T.T.I School Read more [...]

Cross Selling Strategies for Bigger and Better Sales Profits

Of any part of the sales process that you may be interested in, existing leads are usually considered far more promising than newly generated ones. Leads with previous sales on the record, and potential leads that come from existing customers, usually convert at a far greater rate than all-new leads. Existing customers can be promising for a number of reasons, prominent among which is the possibility that, with an established relationship in place, businesses tend to have the inside track on an Read more [...]

Good Cab Companies Provide Quality Customer Service

Good customer service plays a huge role in the success of an organisation. We are still currently going through somewhat of a financial hardship in the UK, and companies need to set themselves apart. This is why caring and looking after customer demands and needs, is even more essential. Develop and Maintain Integrity with Honesty A good business is an honest business. Even if there is a possibility a piece of honesty might affect the sales of a company, it is important to pride that above Read more [...]

How the Affordable Care Act May Lead to Higher Demand for Public Health Professionals

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama roughly three years ago. Since its implementation, families and health care facilities have received considerable gains or losses due to this change. According to the U.S. Department of Human Health Services, the ACA was signed to make preventative care — family planning and related services — more affordable and accessible for Americans. States Have the Opportunity to Opt Out of Health Care Reform According to a CBS News Read more [...]

Four Things To Know When Considering A Trade Show

What is a trade show? Fairs and expositions are older than human history. Prehistoric people of different tribes would gather at certain places to exchange goods. Long before it gained its place as the holy city of Islam, Mecca was the scene of great festivals held by the pilgrims who made the journey there. The Olympic Games were held at a fair in which the Greeks sold their best clothes, spices, armor and glassware. Today, special fairs are organized to enable companies to showcase and demonstrate Read more [...]

How to Apply for a Credit Card

Credit cards can be both exciting and intimidating. The benefits they offer in terms of convenience are a major draw for consumers but many people are simply put off by the prospect of a complicated application process and possible rejection. The good news is that whether you want to apply for online credit cards or actually go to your local bank and have them talk you through it, there are a whole load of useful tips on what sort of information to look out for but here are some particular points Read more [...]

Degree in Criminal Justice from Portland State University

Portland State University leads the way when it comes to online educational opportunities. This includes a top of the line program through which a person can obtain a bachelors in criminal justice online. An online education in criminal justice from Portland State University represents both a convenient as well as an affordable for traditional and non-traditional students alike. Through an online education in criminal justice at Portland State University, a person can obtain a degree and beyond Read more [...]

Different Types of Insurance Policies For Couples

One of the most common reasons to compare life insurance is to replace the loss of income or revenue suffered by the family in the event of your death. Once you die and checks stop arriving, the family may be left with very limited resources. The proceeds of a life insurance policy do you have enough money to support the family almost immediately death occurs. Life insurance also used to pay any debts that have commonly left open. Life insurance can be used to pay mortgages, car loans, Read more [...]

Consider Employment With US Data Corporations

US Data Corporation is one of the well known members of the entire marketing world and this company specializes in offering the services like sales leads, mailing lists, consumer email lists, direct marketing and email marketing. It has more than 30 years of experience in this industry and the office is located in Agoura Hills, CA. This company also maintains the information of the marketing databases on the businesses and the customers all over the country, which actually set the industry standards Read more [...]