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Effective business finance advice for trading overseas

If you are thinking of expanding your company to trade in overseas markets, then it is an exciting step. With around £30bn in goods being exported from the UK as of June 2018, you will be joining a thriving international business community. Naturally, the key thing to do it successfully is to prepare wisely for the expansion. By taking the relevant steps to make sure that everything is in place, both in the UK and the new territory, you will be well placed to make it work. What business finance Read more [...]

How to look after your finances as a sole trader

In recent years it’s been estimated that there are almost 200,000 sole traders in Britain – a statistic which reveals just how popular this mode of working really is. However, it’s also widely known that being a sole trader brings with it a whole host of additional challenges that working in a larger organisation does not, and one of these is the fraught world of finances. From filing a tax return to making significant financial decisions, there’s an awful lot to do. This article, then, will Read more [...]

When Bosses Say Thank You

Awarding employees for their hard work should be a top priority for the success of any business. Employees create, sell, communicate, distribute, and market a company's products and services. Employers who acknowledge their employees in special ways shows them that the company appreciates their contributions in supporting the values of a company's mission statements. Many companies recognize the hard work that their back office and front office employees perform. Back office employees are external Read more [...]

Top 13 Business Writing Problems and Solutions

Whether you're writing a memo, an e-mail, a letter, a plan, or a report, every piece of business writing must be clear, concise, and mistake-free, as it can't afford to create any confusion among the targeted readers. One small mistake may result in thousands of dollars in loss of profit. In this article, we'll identify the top 13 business writing problems and their solutions. 1. Typos Typos turn readers off immediately. While Microsoft Word comes with a decent spellchecking capability, it's Read more [...]

Market your brand with ‘made-for-Instagram’ moments

It’s no secret that the marketing tricks which worked on our parents and grandparents don’t do the trick for us. The world has changed almost beyond recognition, and with it the channels and tactics that advertisers use. The world of online marketing has opened up a whole new can of worms for marketers, with clever tricks such as targeted advertising, influencer marketing and paid-for-content. We’ve got a few ideas about how you can create made-for-Instagram moments - with the help of a Read more [...]

There’s an Easy New Way to Find Lost Relatives and Friends

Have you ever wondered what happened to the friends and family members you used to know? When was the last time you spoke to your old school friends? Are there people in your life whom you have lost contact with that you would desperately like to see again? If so, there is a whole new online system that may just make it happen. You can consult NY public records to find info on friends and family members who you may have thought were lost to you forever. The system is quick and easier than ever for Read more [...]

Should I Integrate a Chatbot Into My Business’s Website?

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but it is finally available for small and mid-sized businesses to use for themselves. No, you cannot purchase robots to do manual labor for you—yet—but there are smaller AI applications that are making life easier for business owners and streamlining processes. One such application is the “chatbot.” Chatbots are computer programs that are programmed to simulate conversations with human internet users. You have probably encountered Read more [...]

4 Easy Ways to Market Yourself and Your Company

It seems like everyone has a business these days, and with so many different products and services competing for attention, spending a lot of time and money on marketing can feel like you’re sinking resources into a black hole. But marketing is still something your business needs, otherwise, it won’t get off the ground. If you’re short on cash, looking for cheap, effective marketing tactics, and not afraid to put in the work, there are some easy ways you can market your company that will Read more [...]

How to Choose the Right Electricity Supplier for Your Business

No matter the type of utility that our business needs, whether water, gas or electric, we’re always looking for the very best deals out there. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s easily accomplished. While you will definitely see great deals out there being offered at any given time, it’s not necessarily low rates that you need to be looking out for. More often than not, it’s the hidden fees attached that can turn a seemingly great deal into a loss. Electricity suppliers are never Read more [...]

Creating the perfect pitch

Put simply, a pitch is when you reach out to a media or influencer target to share your story with the hope that they will want to write about it or share your story in some way. Across different media, hundreds of pitch emails are received every day. So, you need to find a way to stand out among the clutter. If you don’t, your email will quickly be moved to the trash. What it really boils down to is that you need to be able to connect with another human being in such a way that they will want Read more [...]