Dr. Curtis Cripe – Understanding What Neuropsychology is

Neuropsychology is a science and a branch of medicine which you may not have heard of before but this is something which is helping thousands of people around the world. There are some geniuses in this field, people like the brilliant Dr. Curtis Cripe who have dedicated their lives to the implementation and the advancement of neuropsychology. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Dr. Cripe at a recent medical convention to dig a little deeper into what exactly is neuropsychology, let’s have a look.


Neuropsychology is actually a branch of psychology which of course studies the mind. This branch combines characteristics of both psychology and neurology and it is about our understanding of the brain’s physiological functions, and how this contributes towards cognitive function and behavior. We all know that there are many mental disorders out there which are in fact brain disorders, the role of a neuropsychologist is to focus on the causes of these issues, and deciphering what is a neurological disorder and which is a physical disorder, as well as treating the issue.

Range of Treatments

There is a huge range of medical issues which a neuropsychologist will look at that fall under the mental/psychological banner. Here are just some of the issues which can be treated by this specialist branch of medicine.

  • Learning Disorders
  • Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Brain Tumors
  • Brain Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Sex Chromosome Abnormalities
  • Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Motor Neuron Diseases

As you can see there is a wide range of medical and behavioral issues which neuropsychology is able to treat.

Differences With Psychology

It is important that whilst we recognize that this is a branch of psychology, the two actually differ greatly. For example neuropsychologists must have significantly more training than a psychologist and this is because they must both understand the mind and its behaviors, as well as having a deep understanding of neurology and how each brain function can contribute towards these behaviors. The role of a neuropsychologist is to work with patients who display signs of mental health issues, and the dig deeper to find out root cause and treatment.

Within this they will look into focus and attention, intellectual functioning, academic functioning, adaptive functioning ,personality, basic motor skills and speed, memory, speech and language and the ability to visualize. Each aspect of what the brain does needs to be understood and more importantly the consequences of any aspect the brain which is not functioning as it should be.

How to Become a Neuropsychologist

To forge career in this field it is essential that you have studied neuropsychology at university level and obtained a degree in the subject.Once this is complete then you will have to attend medical school in order to obtain your license to practice medicine, and then much like doctors do, you will spend 4-6 years  in a clinical setting until you are granted your license.

Brennan & Clark LLC – The Advantages of Settling With a Debt Collection Agency

Last week was a truly fascinating one for me as I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with the team at Brennan & Clark LLC, a debt collection agency. Now to many these may seem like 3 days wasted but in a world where people’s personal debt is spiraling out of control, those days gave me a great insight into what life is like on the other side of the fence. Throughout the US there are hundreds of thousands of people who have debt which they are mismanaging, can’t afford to pay or simply ignoring, a worrying trend which is putting many under huge pressure. Settling with a debt collection agency is the best case scenario for so many, and here is why.

Debt Collection Agencies Explained

First let’s have a brief look at what debt collection agencies are and how they operate. Simply put, big lenders like banks do not want bad debt on their books, when they have loaned money or given to credit to someone who hasn’t or isn’t paying it back, they would far rather sell that debtor to a debt collection agency, for a lower price. This way the lender at least gets some money and moves forward, which is far cheaper than chasing the money themselves. The debt collection agency then seeks to recoup the money.

What Can They Do?

Debt collection agencies will try to reach out to the debtor with calls, emails and house visits until they are able to speak with them. They will almost always e very accommodating with the person who is in debt and they can offer settlement offers, payment schemes without interest and other benefits which the original lender cannot. Unfortunately however so many people still fail to acknowledge the debt collection agency which is where they can get unstuck. A debt collection agency has the power to remove items which were bought using credit such as vehicles, furniture and gadgets, and they are lawfully allowed to do so.

Why You Should Settle

Beyond the obvious fact that you should settle to avoid a debt collection agency coming out to your home to repossess items within it, you should also settle because they can offer you a great deal. Let’s say that you owe $10,000, you may very well be able to settle for around $7,000. The reason for this is that when the debt collection agency bought the debt from the original lender, they could have bought it for 60 cents on the dollar, which is why they can afford to pass that saving on to you. Ultimately debt is not good for anyone, it is not good for the person who owes money, it is not good for the original lender and even in the case of a debt collection agency, they want clients to come and go with speed as they have money tied up in the debt which they have bought.

If you are contacted by a debt collection agency, don’t think twice, do all that you can to work with them.

Ali Ata – Tips on Getting Started in Real Estate Investment

People always tell you to get invested in bricks and mortar if you are looking at making some money and that is exactly what my buddy Ali Ata did some years ago, an investment which he has since tuned into a fortune. Ali was kind enough to help me out with this post which is for anyone who has a real desire to get involved in real estate investment. We aren’t going to give you in-depth knowledge about this industry, just the things that you need to understand before you take the plunge. If this is something which you have been thinking about doing, then here are some tips to help you get started.


The importance of research cannot be overestimated and in truth you should be looking at spending at least 6 months studying the real estate market, the impacts which can change it, the types of properties which are the most profitable and all other aspects of this industry. Investing in real estate is not as simple as just buying a property and then selling it, these investments are large and that is why you must have invested the right amount of time into studying it.


There are a number of approaches which you can take to real estate investment and you need t spend some time working out which one fits best with what your are trying to achieve. For example some people like to flip properties, this usually involves getting cheap properties via an auction, and usually include properties which need a little bit of love. These flippers will pick up the property cheap, invest some cash to get it ship-shape and then flip it quickly for a small profit.

Alternatively you could look at buying property which you will then rent out, in doing this you can have an asset which has cash flow coming in each month, and if the market looks good then you could look to sell the property at any point. In doing this you are making a more long-term investment which will tie your money up for longer periods of time. The key to which approach you will take when investing comes down to what it is that you are looking for, are you looking for a quick return? Slow dividends? Or a long term approach which will be more of a nest egg?


Finally you need to ensure that you are cash rich in order to get involved in real estate investment. It isn’t just the price of the property which will cost money but also the surveyors, solicitors and even construction work which you may wish to carry out. The longer that you can save up the better as cash really is powerful in this industry. This is not to say that you shouldn’t borrow, but if you can avoid it then it will be far more beneficial.

Why Play Slots for Free

Slot games have always attracted players around the world because of being affordable, convenient, and interesting entertainment.

Slot games have always attracted players around the world because of being affordable, convenient, and interesting entertainment. You can never guess if you are lucky or not. If there is a small loss, it is not a big deal, but losing lots of money can become a problem. There is one point that still upsets lots of gambling fans — risking your money is an annoying necessity to have a great time. That is why many online casinos offer to play slots with no deposits. They are known as free slots with free spins, and if you wish to find out more about them, just keep reading this article.

Why Did Casinos Create Free Slots?

It may be unclear why casinos offer free gambling. After all, it is logical that each casino earns its money when players lose theirs, and for a casino, it is simply unprofitable to make slots free. So, why do they do this then? This is how casinos attract new customers. New players from all over the world constantly use gambling sites to play free slots, and casinos secretly hope that if a player likes slots, he or she will also try to play poker or blackjack. Free slots are beneficial for visitors because they can enjoy their favorite games without risking their money.

Advantages of Free Slots

Have a look at the following advantages that you can have if you play free slots:

  • Interest. There are several thousand slots, and this number is constantly growing, so you will never be bored;
  • Bonus Rounds. These are specially designed to make gameplay even more exciting. In some slots, you will see characters from movies and TV shows during such rounds;
  • Availability. Virtually everyone can play slots for free;
  • No risks. You do not have to spend any money;

Convenience. Online casinos operate around the clock.  

Three Concrete Ways to Improve High School Education

High school is an odd place. Not only are you expected to learn, but you have to play the social game and avoid getting stuffed into lockers. The student spends much of their time trying to keep up with their studies as best they can. Unfortunately they seem to be memorizing lectures from the teacher and information from the textbooks and simply regurgitating them back when asked. Teachers should be there to guide the students into better learning, not being the sole decision maker of what the students should and should not learn. Here are three concrete ways to instantly improve upon high school education.

Invite in Guest Speakers

No matter if it is a Math class, an English class, or even PE, each teacher should be inviting in at least one guest speaker every two weeks. There are several reasons to do this. For one, students tend to tune out the teachers after a few months. Bringing in a guest speaker can change things up and let them know how the subject, they are learning can transfer over to the real world.

For instance, if students are learning about engineering or manufacturing, bring in a professional that does these things for a living. They can provide the kids real knowledge about how to do this as a career. In fact, then the school could go about and invest in software that will prepare them for the next step. With a little assistance, the students can purchase SolidWorks Student Edition and can learn all about model-based definition (MBD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Offer Online Courses

Online courses are becoming quite common in college and employers are allowing more of their employees to work entirely from home. Might as well prepare the high school students for this and let them see if they can be self-starters or not. Try them out with a couple online courses that will require them to do most of the research themselves.

Provide Financial Learning

Too many students emerge from high school and college without really knowing how those student loans and spur of the moment purchases are dooming them into a life of debt. Parents are not always sharing this knowledge, or maybe are struggling with it themselves, and schools offer very little “scared straight” real world information about financial decisions. It is past time that we educate students early and often about making smart financial decisions.

How to improve your credit score when you are in debt

Your credit score affects a whole range of things within your financial life. When you have high levels of debt you may think it’s impossible to rebuild your credit score, however this isn’t strictly true. Improving your credit score does take time and effort and having a low credit score shouldn’t hold you back from applying for different types of loans in the future. For example, if you are applying for bad credit car finance, you may think it’s impossible to get accepted without sky high interest rates. These days there are many options for people with bad credit, but it’s best to work on your credit score before you start applying! So, can you improve your credit score when you are in debt?

How can I reduce debt?

Before you start rebuilding your credit score, you should try and reduce the amount of debt you have to make it easier to rebuild. Part of your credit score is based on the amount of debt you have so one of the best ways to increase it is to reduce your levels of existing debt.

  • Don’t create more debt. This won’t reduce your debt, but it can stop you from getting into more debt. You won’t make much progress if you are paying off your debts whilst also building it up and this can be a slippery financial slope.
  • Use your savings. Although it can be hard to have a savings account when you have debt, it’s a good idea to use your savings account to pay off or reduce your debts.
  • Don’t make the minimum repayment. Making the minimum repayment each month on credit cards can be detrimental. Minimum repayments are designed to keep you locked in and can increase your interest rate over the years.

Check your credit file

The first thing you should do before starting to rebuild your credit score is to check your credit file. You may not even be aware of your current credit score if you’ve had high levels of existing debt for a while. Many people tend to avoid checking their credit score, but it can be really insightful. You can check your credit score online for free using a reputable credit reference agency such as Equifax, Experian or Credit Karma. Using these services will not harm your current score and enables you to check your full credit file and see your financial history. Make sure there are no mistakes on your credit file and all your information is up to date. Even an incorrect address can harm your credit score!

Disassociate yourself from financial partners

When checking your credit file, you should also check for any financial links. If you have taken out credit or finance in the past in a joint application, this will be recorded on your credit file. If you no longer need to be financially linked to a partner or your credit agreement with them has ended, it’s best to disassociate yourself from them. This is because their bad credit score could be affecting yours and can negatively impact it.

Keep credit utilisation low

If you’ve taken out any sort of credit, you’ll know that you have a maximum credit limit. Your credit utilisation is the percentage of your credit limit that you use. If you have a credit limit of £1000 and you have used £500 then your credit utilisation is 50%. It is recommended that you keep your credit utilisation low and if possible, below 25%. This indicates to lenders that you are capable of keeping on top of your finances.

Pay all your bills on time

This one can be tricky if you have high levels of debt. However, it can massively impact your credit score. You have had trouble in the past making repayments on time and in full but even just a few months of paying your bills on time can increase your credit score. You should then make sure you keep this up to show potential future lenders that you can make your payments on time. It can be useful to set up your direct debits the day after or a few days after you have been paid to make sure you don’t miss any payments. You could also use calendar reminders or notifications.

3 Benefits of Feeding Your Canine Grain Free Dog Food

For us humans, it is entirely normal to adopt a grain free diet. There are tons of health-focused individuals foregoing the grains these days since there are several benefits to this type of diet. Maybe you yourself have even eliminated all grains from your daily food consumption after reading best-selling books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly.

Perhaps you have even done the same for your dog and opted for grain free dog food instead of the tradition grain-riddled kibble. Even though there is a bit of controversy on the matter, opting for a grain free diet for both you and your furry friend has some potential health benefits.

Before you switch out your current kibble for a grain free alternative, do some research to decide if it is the right move for your dog. If you do decide that a grain free diet is suitable for your pup, the potential benefits make the higher average price of grain free dog food entirely worth it.

Your Dog Will Feel Fuller For Longer

Nobody wants to leave the dog at home all day, but depending on an individual’s line of work it might be necessary. For anyone holding a job that keeps them away from the house for long hours, the least they can do is choose a dog food that will leave their dog feeling full all day long. This is one of the major benefits of choosing a grain free dog food alternative.

This is another reason that the extra cost of grain free dog food can be overlooked. Pet foods containing grains won’t leave a dog feeling full, which means more food should be given. With this factor in play, the cost of grain vs grain free is nearly even.

Grain Free Foods Reduce the Risk of Allergies

You might not even know it, but your dog could be allergic to the foods that you’ve been feeding him or her for years. Allergies come in many forms, and some result in shedding or skin flaking. If your dog is experiencing these symptoms, which many dogs do, it is time to throw out the old kibble and make the switch to grain free food instead.

Many dogs are allergic or sensitive to gluten, just as humans are. In fact, gluten sensitivity seems to be on the rise in canine breeds, and the majority of dog foods containing grains also contain gluten. Don’t beat yourself up to bad about feeding your dog food that is causing allergic reactions, it’s not like your pup can tell you outright about a gluten intolerance. Instead, simply make the switch to grain free to see how your dog reacts.

Grain Free Foods Help Dogs to Stay Fit

If your dog is getting on the pudgy side, there’s a good chance it is a result of the dog food you are buying. Just as grains can lead to weight gain in humans, especially as we age, they can do the same for dogs. A veterinarian will tell you whether or not your dog is overweight, and if so the vet will often suggest a switch to grain free food.

4 Dangers of Neglecting Your Storage Capacity

Without a proper business storage system, your business can never reach to its maximum potential. A faulty process of storing your inventory can cost you much more later. The smoother your supply chain process is, the better it will be for your profits and there are not going to be any bottle-necks to slow down the business efficiency. Having said that, businesses which serve the needs of a local community often have limited space. Locally focused enterprises, which have a city or town centre location, can often find that their storage capacity is not as much as, for example, out-of-town operators. Take Nottingham, as an example, where you will frequently find that centrally located service providers and independent retailers are at a disadvantage compared with those on the edge of the city. In such cases, you need to look into getting pallet racking solutions which can help to augment your capacity overnight. In case you are looking for a reliable place to get your pallet racking in Nottingham, you could check out WSSL. Regardless of your location, why shouldn’t you ignore professional storage systems?
Number One- Customer Dis-satisfaction
Firstly, relying on antiquated storage systems means that you are not always able to find the item or items you want when you need them. This could mean letting customers down or, worse still, overstocking items you already have!Number two- Under utilisation of space
Secondly, leaving your storage facility as it currently is means that you won’t make use of all of the available upward space. With professional pallet racks, for example, you can store everything you need right up to the ceiling.

Number three- Safety compromise
Thirdly, putting up with an old-fashioned shelving system rather than using a modern storage solution may mean you are putting employees and yourself in danger! When storage units are overladen or used in the wrong way, it can be easy for things to fall down causing potentially serious injuries to occur.

Number four- Added expense
Finally, failing to invest in the storage space you have available means you may face unwarranted costs elsewhere. If you take receipt a large delivery, for instance, then you may need to hire a temporary facility which would otherwise be avoidable with an integrated storage solution.

What is a BB gun and Is It legal?

A BB gun is a type of airgun that is used to shoot metallic balls. It can also be called a pellet gun. The operating mechanism is the same as air and the mechanic guns. However, they have a shorter range. Shooting someone with a BB gun can increase the risk of a serious injury.

Now, concerning BB gun laws in California, many people have doubts as to whether it is legal to carry a BB gun in California or if you can’t carry one. If this is the case then what are the conditions of that? All of this information given below should be read carefully so you can know the laws.

Is it legal in California?

As per the BB gun laws in California, you can carry a BB gun with you as long as you are not a minor and are at least 18 years old. All of these people are allowed to carry a BB gun with them in California.

For the people who are below 18 years of age, you can not carry a BB gun unless you have parental permission. Also, you can’t sell any of the BB guns to the person who is below 18 years of age and they don’t have any of the parental permission with them.

By this, you can know that it is legal to carry a non-powdered gun with you in California. However there are certain rules that you will need to keep in mind when you are carrying a BB gun with you,

Public display

You can’t display a BB gun in public even if you have it and even if you are above 18 years old. If you are thinking about why you can’t do so then it is because this might show the imitation firearms. This will be against the Penal Code 12550(a) as well as Penal Code 12556.

It says that you can’t display imitation firearms in any of the public places including the streets, front yards, as well as the building or the commercial property that are open to all the public. This also applies to all the schools, government buildings, and other similar places.

Also, you can carry the BB gun when you are in a car. However, you should not use it to transport, ship, distribute, receive, purchase, or even sell the BB gun. All of these things will be included in the crime and you will be punishable under the law.

Shooting someone

Shooting someone is totally against the law of California and you should not use to shoot it. Even if you do and the shot is missed, you will still break the law and face the penalties. This will be included in the assault and can be considered battery which is totally against the law of California. So, you should take a serious note when you are in public or using a BB gun. Make sure you follow all the laws.


Common Myths and Misunderstandings on Wills & Probate

Popular misconceptions of probate start with the fictional reading of the will to the gathered heirs after the funeral followed by a major feud. Let’s look at some of the common myths and misunderstandings on wills and probate.

I Don’t Need a Will

This is a common myth. If you’re over 18, you should have a will. The simplest wills state which people will get your stuff when you die. The will should name an executor to handle your estate. You could name a qualified family member or an attorney to handle your estate. If you think this doesn’t matter because all you have are debts, think of what happens when your family is besieged by debt collectors because you’re not paying your bills anymore. When you have a will that names someone to handle all of this, you’ve spared your family this unnecessary pain

Once You Write the Will, You’re Done

Any probate lawyer can tell you that old wills are a source of many legal fights. A common problem that invalidates the will is the addition of new heirs. The will written for a first marriage will be challenged by the spouse you married several years later. A will written to provide for minor children can be challenged by the adults. For example, your adult children may argue they should get a larger share because they cared for you in old age, and someone later diagnosed as special needs may need more than their siblings. Note that a will is not a power of attorney document. Everyone should have a medical power of attorney and financial power of attorney so that the people you want to make decisions for you when you’re incapacitated can do so. Your spouse will not automatically be able to handle medical decisions for you after a stroke or dementia diagnosis. Having to fight over who will be your guardian will drain your estate. It may also result in the courts appointing someone to make medical and financial decisions you don’t agree with, whether it is putting you in hospice when you’d rather fight for your life or paying for expensive experimental care when you’d rather be allowed to pass on peacefully.

My Will Already Covers Everything

A will may say that half of your money goes to your spouse with the rest going to your children. However, your beneficiary designations on financial accounts take precedence over your will. If you don’t update beneficiary designations after life changes like marriage, remarriage, divorce and the death of heirs, your bank accounts, your investment accounts like your IRA and life insurance could go to people you didn’t to get the money. This is why you must have a full estate Plam Then every legal document that needs to be updated is identified and changed while reflecting your overall plan

Someone Can Contest It at the Reading of the Will

Realistically, there isn’t a reading of the will to the heirs as one sees on TV. If someone doesn’t like the terms of your will or estate plan, complaining to your attorney is not enough to invalidate your will. They’d have to go to court and file the necessary paperwork. Legal fees are involved, as well. They’ll probably hire a probate lawyer, and the cost may end up coming out of your estate at the end. You can write a will so that it specifically excludes certain heirs, whether you want to deny any inheritance by illegitimate children or clearly state that one child will not be an heir to the estate. You can set up a trust that sets rules and restrictions on someone’s inheritance, such as requiring an heir to prove they are drug free and stay out of prison to inherit any money.

Creating a Trust Solves Everything

Many people create a trust to eliminate the need to go through the probate courts. This strategy often fails. A common mistake is setting up the trust and then failing to move assets into the trust. If you don’t title the house in the name of the trust, then the house has to go through probate. If you don’t add new assets to the trust, whether it is the second home you purchased or bank accounts you established years later, those assets must go through probate.

While we’ve addressed the most common myths and misconceptions about wills and probates, know that you should seek qualified legal advice if you have specific questions or problems.


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