GET THE BIG PICTURE » Uncategorized THE GATEWAY TO SUCESS Thu, 18 Jan 2018 18:54:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Difference in Private, Public, and International Schools in China Fri, 17 Oct 2014 16:45:56 +0000 Education in China is continually growing and parents are eager to send their kids to school there. The national government has instituted a “Nine Year Compulsory Education Program” for all citizens of the country. In this educational campaign, education is free; therefore, the number of students attending middle schools in China or other learning institutions at different levels are increasing each year. Even though it is free, there are additional fees that need to be paid for, such as uniforms, and books etc.

As expatriate parents, you are not exempted from increasing school fees. With that, you are considering several options on where to enrol your children.

Public Schools

Because of innovations, Chinese learning institutions are now accepting children of expats or foreigners holding legal resident status. This is a welcome move for parents as private school education becomes more expensive each year. Expat parents are not exempted from the benefit of free tuition. However, the fees that they pay to a public school of choice are much lower when compared with what parents will pay if they want to enrol their children in private schools.

Language is a big problem; therefore, it is suggested that your children should be equipped and prepared with skills in the language. Another aspect that parents should consider is that non-Chinese speakers are usually held back one year level if enrolled through the public school system.

Private Schools

This type of school has better advantages when compared to public schools. The student population per classroom is much lower. There is little barrier when it comes to language as subjects are taught in English, or the school has language tutorial support. In a public school, all subjects are taught in Chinese and offer little or no support at all when it comes to language.

The learning environment and processes in private schools are just replicates of the public school system. But there are private schools which embed learning process and accreditation of foreign schools in order for students to be accepted in any schools around the world. It can be deduced that private schools are better equipped than public schools.

International Schools

International schools are still preferred among expats, but it is more expensive than private schools.  The number of international schools in China is quite impressive and most of these are located in urban cities. Normally, the baccalaureate program of this type of school follows that of their origin country. Some of these schools are also incorporating local subjects such as Chinese language and culture. The cost of education in this kind of learning institution is as high as that in the U.S.

Just because you are an expat in this country, your obvious choice for academic institutions for your children is not always private or international middle schools in China.  This is not the case; you may also want to try public schools if only for cheap school fees or for a more colourful experience for your children.

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Tips On Video Editing Course Mon, 13 Oct 2014 18:41:20 +0000 The world of media production is one of the very few industries that experiences continual growth despite the unpredictable state of today’s economy.  It seems as though everything from entertainment to small business development is using various types of media to reach their audience for a wide range of purposes.

Video Editing Course

To make it in the world of media production individuals must make the decision to earn their degree from a well trusted educational institute such as Pro School of Media Production.  These schools are staffed with professionals that have the ability to provide their students with top notch skills and hands-on training in areas of screenwriting, Foley cinematography, motion graphics, cinema 4D, dialog, adobe, audio engineering, and much more.

For those that truly want to give themselves an abundance of opportunities, video editing is by far the field to study.  Through a video editing course that is available at schools such as Pro School of Media Production, students have the opportunity to take parts in hands-on training that will prepare them for real world experiences.  These training sessions take place in fully equipped labs under the supervision of experts in this field.  Certificate programs in video editing can be completed in a fast duration of time while ensuring the student receives all necessary career counseling and job placement services that will set them in the world on the right foot within their desired career path.

Pro School of Media Productions and other such educational facilities that offer media training courses are staffed with dedicated individuals that want to see you succeed.  You will always receive the support and reassurance that can make a world of difference in your own media production career endeavor.

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Why You Should Get to Know Felixstowe Fri, 19 Sep 2014 14:22:21 +0000 The old saying goes: no man is an island and that is certainly true. But certain nations can be an island and in the case of the UK, that too is certain. But what an island! Blessed with verdant land, it has been able to sustain itself, at least agriculturally, for hundreds of years. Today, the influx of new arrivals from over the world and a modern economy which requires and expects more than just food and clothing, the UK has to look to the outside world to get many of the things it needs and wants. The most economical way of bringing goods into the UK is by sea, the same as it has been for a thousand years. Arguably, no port is better suited to accommodate ships from all over the world in the port of Felixstowe.




One of the Largest

Felixstowe is not just any commercial port: it is the largest one in Britain and definitely one of the largest in Europe. What does it take to rank amongst the largest? For one, the ability to handle a wide variety ships, from all over the world, and have all of the infrastructure necessary to load or unload all the cargo that is being dealt with. This means plenty of room, lots of cranes and dockworkers at the ready every time a ship comes in, or is getting ready to load up and leave. So how many ships can Felixstowe handle? It currently handles over 4,000 a year and if you stop to think about it, that is a very impressive number. If you assume that there are a few days out of the year when the port isn’t open, it implies that the port handles anywhere between 10 to 15 container ships day in and day out. If you have seen a container ship up close, they are not small, easy to manoeuvre ships either. They are behemoths and they carry a lot of cargo. And that cargo has to be loaded or unloaded and routed to its ultimate destination.


The Challenge of TEUs

Cargo ships and ports like Felixstowe measure the amount of cargo that they handle in terms of TEUs, which stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Units. What it basically means is that most containers aboard the cargo ship are 20 foot containers, which are stacked on top of each other and spread out all over the ship. How much can a 20 foot container carry? It depends on how efficiently the container itself can be packed. Anything which is bulky and shaped irregularly, such as a car or a piece of machinery, cannot be packed terribly efficiently. But a container full of clothes can honestly be accommodated to maximize the available space.


Getting Your Orders Filled

Many smaller companies, who do not have the logistic requirements required and handle their order processing in-house, need to rely on a third party who will handle not only the storage, but also the logistics necessary to have their merchandise available when needed. Being able to count on an industry leader, like, can greatly contribute to any company’s sales success. Of course, when choosing such a company the ease of access to Felixstowe is an important consideration.

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How to Apply for a Credit Card Fri, 28 Feb 2014 16:50:05 +0000 Credit cards can be both exciting and intimidating. The benefits they offer in terms of convenience are a major draw for consumers but many people are simply put off by the prospect of a complicated application process and possible rejection. The good news is that whether you want to apply for online credit cards or actually go to your local bank and have them talk you through it, there are a whole load of useful tips on what sort of information to look out for but here are some particular points of interest to remember when filing an application.

  • How to ApplyType of card: There are all sorts of different cards, be it a fairly standard credit card, a business credit card or a rewards card so take a look at what is available and decide which is most suited to your needs.
  • Credit rating: Your credit rating is built up throughout your life and is based on how well you have managed to repay any previous debts and keep up to date with monthly bills. Knowing your rating will help you decide which options are available to you in terms of taking out a new card as the better your credit score; the better your chances of being accepted.
  • Charges: It is important to be aware that credit cards are not free money; everything you charge onto one must be repaid and so always be sure to research the interest rate as well as any set up charges, annual fees and late payment penalties before you take out a card to be certain you can afford to pay for it.
  • Small print: Banks and credit card companies want to make their deals sound as tempting as possible but don’t be tricked into something that is perhaps not as good as it first seemed. Sometimes interest rates and reward schemes may sound great but upon closer inspection of the small print, only last for a very limited amount of time; always be certain you know exactly what you are agreeing to.
  • Shop around: Don’t be tempted to just apply for the first credit card you come across; there could be far better deals waiting to be found. Head to different banks and browse online to make sure you have scoured the market for the card that is right for you.
  • Reviews: Once you have an idea of the card you want, don’t just apply right away.  It is a good idea to look for consumer reviews of the card before you do so as this gives you direct feedback from real people with first-hand experience of the card and how manageable the payments are.
  • Information: You will be required to present certain information when applying for a credit card. Though the specifics can differ from one to another, you should check what you will need and gather it together to help save time and allow the process to go as smoothly as possible.
  • Accuracy: There is nothing more annoying than being rejected purely because of a simple mistake in your application form. Make sure all information is correct and completely up-to-date before you send it off.
  • Safety: Credit card fraud can be devastating so always make sure you follow safety advice by keeping any account details private, signing or registering you card as soon as it arrives and destroying any documents that display the likes of your PIN or password.
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Degree in Criminal Justice from Portland State University Thu, 27 Feb 2014 10:59:04 +0000 Portland State University leads the way when it comes to online educational opportunities. This includes a top of the line program through which a person can obtain a bachelors in criminal justice online.

An online education in criminal justice from Portland State University represents both a convenient as well as an affordable for traditional and non-traditional students alike. Through an online education in criminal justice at Portland State University, a person can obtain a degree and beyond the way to a satisfying career at his or her own pace. For example, a non-traditional student with family and professional obligations can still obtain a bachelors degree in criminal justice without interfering with other vital commitments.

JusticeA degree in criminal justice from Portland State University gives a student full exposure to all elements of the profession. This includes a close up examination of the criminal justice system — from court proceedings to punishment. A student learns about corrections theory and rehabilitation. In addition, studies include an emphasis on crime prevention and law enforcement.

Although the online criminal justice program is a distance learning option, students have direct and regular interaction with faculty, staff and other students. Through an array of communication and networking options, a student can collaborate and access a full range of educational and supportive services and resources while enrolled in the online criminal justice degree program.

In addition to being a flexible and convenient way to further a person’s education, the online criminal justice degree program through Portland State University is also very affordable. In addition, a student in the program potentially qualifies for different types of financial assistance, including scholarships, loans and grants. More information on financial aid is available through the university.

A person interested in applying for the criminal justice program offered online by the university can obtain more information from the school’s admission staff. The faculty and staff stand ready to aid a student through the registration process and in designing a schedule that fits his or her specific needs, goals and objectives. Because of the nature of online learning, and depending on an individual’s schedule, many students complete the full undergraduate program in less than four years.

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Master’s Degree Programs are Most Popular Mon, 20 Jan 2014 10:54:27 +0000 There’s a changing frontier when it comes to higher education, as more and more universities are making it possible for a wider student base with online learning. In fact, universities all across the nation are increasing their student acceptance rate by offering more degrees online.

Master’s Degree Programs The MBA degree, like the one offered at, is steadfastly becoming one of the most popular master’s degree programs being offered to students. Wits its hands on learning and applicable knowledge approach, as well as its flexible study scheduling, online degree programs in business management are perhaps one of the most abundant degree programs available today.

When searching for an online MBA degree, students often seek education that will help deepen their knowledge in certain business areas. These areas include business management, entrepreneurship, accounting, and finances. Often, an MBA degree will indicate to prospective employers that the graduate has gained the necessary knowledge to complete tasks on a higher level. This may translate to a higher paying position, or one that offers more opportunities to grow as time progresses. All in all, students often seek an online degree that allows them to be flexible in their study schedule, something that conventional education environments can’t always promise.

Students everywhere are searching for ways in which they can learn more about their chosen career path. A masters degree is often one of the best routes any individual can take to do this, as it can help a student explore more ideas and practical knowledge that can be applied directly in the workforce. Often, an online MBA degree will allow the student to fully take in the information through online materials, such as books, worksheets, slideshow lectures, and videos. Many of the tools that are utilised during conventional learning systems can also be easily integrated into an online environment.

More often than not, successful business graduates obtain a second or third degree after their primary bachelor’s degree. Most MBA students will have more opportunities to earn more money in their lifetime, compared to individuals holding merely a bachelors degree. Although there are always exceptions, it is true that a higher form of education will allow more opportunities for any individual seeking to contribute more to the world. Business leaders everywhere often obtain their knowledge through continuous study, and an online MBA degree is just one of the many helpful options that allow them to fulfil this goal.

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Consider Employment With US Data Corporation Wed, 09 Oct 2013 14:19:11 +0000 consider_employment

US Data Corporation is one of the well known members of the entire marketing world and this company specializes in offering the services like sales leads, mailing lists, consumer email lists, direct marketing and email marketing. It has more than 30 years of experience in this industry and the office is located in Agoura Hills, CA. This company also maintains the information of the marketing databases on the businesses and the customers all over the country, which actually set the industry standards for reliability, accuracy and currency. This company takes pride in providing the businesses some crucial ways to make money as well as the ideas to thrive in any type of economy. The uncompromised commitment to superiority and the broad experience have helped US Data Corporation to grow as the most reliable and prestigious providers of research data, marketing lists and sales lead of America. The compiled informative databases offered by this company can help you in learning more about the American consumers and the businesses. This company has also set the industry standard for currency, reliability and mission critical accuracy.

US Data Corporation maintains the demographic, household, lifestyle and purchasing information of around 3000 million American people as well as this company also contains the data related to the purchasing habit and the behaviors of approx 117 million US households. The consumer email lists offered by this company provide the businesses a significant advantage in getting information about new listings and in meeting every granular requirement of the high-end buyers.

So, by taking the help of the US Data Corporation, it becomes quite easier for you to target the ideal market. Besides, this company can also help you in having unparalleled access to the target market by offering the details like extensive targeting capabilities and consumer mailing lists. So, the consumer email lists offered by this company can assist you to target the audience with that precision which will be totally helpful for you to increase the sales opportunities, to improve the response rates and most importantly to reduce the cost of the sales lists.

The comprehensive consumer database of US Data Corporation along with the meticulous data hygiene procedure, make the consumer mailing list offered by this company to get great industry standard for the effectiveness and list accuracy. Apart from that, getting the consumer lists from the US Data Corporation can provide you the best opportunity to exceed the marketing goals.

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The Seven Best Industries To Work In Tue, 10 Sep 2013 02:41:02 +0000 Whether taking your first tentative steps onto the career path you hope will set you up for life or seeking a dramatic change from your usual line of work, knowing what route to take can be a difficult and daunting task. With such a diverse range of employment opportunities, each offering their own advantages, you may not even know where to begin looking. If that is the case, then here are a number of the most popular industries to work in and why so many people choose to make their living in this way.
best industries to work Education: Working as a teacher is notoriously enviable for the level of annual holidays you are often entitled to but there is also a great deal of satisfaction to be had from helping to educate the next generation and set them on their own path towards a successful career. With current calls for a revised education system in many places, now could be the time to help make a real difference in young peoples’ lives.

  • Recruitment: Why worry about finding the right job for yourself when your job could be helping recruit others? Large businesses are in constant need of new staff; permanent and temporary; on-site and from home but with little time to interview and evaluate all of the candidates, they often turn to recruitment specialists to do the work for them. With a very social and interactive working life, this is the ideal job for many people.
  • Food and drink: Most of us love food and see it as far more than simple fuel for the body. The idea of lovingly creating your own recipes and even running your very own restaurant is a dream for many people but even those who do not desire the stress of establishing their own business can find a hugely diverse range of jobs within the food industry to choose from. This is undoubtedly one of the broadest areas of work you can operate within, with something out there to appeal to almost anyone. 
  • Writer: Another diverse job title, a writer can choose to specialise in an abundance of different areas and can work in the form of anything from articles, reviews, and blog posts to novels, short stories and poetry. The perfect medium to express opinions, inform others and be creative, a writer can either work for a specific company or operate on a freelance basis; working from home at flexible hours.
  • Art and design: Undoubtedly one of the hardest industries to establish yourself in but one of the most financially and emotionally rewarding if you do, making a living through selling your own original artwork or custom designs is hugely satisfying, as it combines your passion with your career. This often tends to be a great option for those with a creative flair who have already set themselves up financially via an alternative career path, facilitating the move into this admittedly risky sector.
  • IT: working with Information Technology is ideal for those with a love for all things modern who crave being at the cutting-edge of design at all times. If data handling, communication and problem solving are your forte, this could well be the career path for you.
  • Real estate: A continuous growth in population will only ever lead to a rising demand for housing. With online brokers and agencies creating new ways for people to work in real estate and house prices in some areas still low, firmly establishing a buyers’ market, the property sector has never looked better in terms of employment opportunities. 
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