Degree in Criminal Justice from Portland State University

Portland State University leads the way when it comes to online educational opportunities. This includes a top of the line program through which a person can obtain a bachelors in criminal justice online.

An online education in criminal justice from Portland State University represents both a convenient as well as an affordable for traditional and non-traditional students alike. Through an online education in criminal justice at Portland State University, a person can obtain a degree and beyond the way to a satisfying career at his or her own pace. For example, a non-traditional student with family and professional obligations can still obtain a bachelors degree in criminal justice without interfering with other vital commitments.

JusticeA degree in criminal justice from Portland State University gives a student full exposure to all elements of the profession. This includes a close up examination of the criminal justice system — from court proceedings to punishment. A student learns about corrections theory and rehabilitation. In addition, studies include an emphasis on crime prevention and law enforcement.

Although the online criminal justice program is a distance learning option, students have direct and regular interaction with faculty, staff and other students. Through an array of communication and networking options, a student can collaborate and access a full range of educational and supportive services and resources while enrolled in the online criminal justice degree program.

In addition to being a flexible and convenient way to further a person’s education, the online criminal justice degree program through Portland State University is also very affordable. In addition, a student in the program potentially qualifies for different types of financial assistance, including scholarships, loans and grants. More information on financial aid is available through the university.

A person interested in applying for the criminal justice program offered online by the university can obtain more information from the school’s admission staff. The faculty and staff stand ready to aid a student through the registration process and in designing a schedule that fits his or her specific needs, goals and objectives. Because of the nature of online learning, and depending on an individual’s schedule, many students complete the full undergraduate program in less than four years.