Destination Weddings are Becoming More Mainstream: Why?

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life, why wouldn’t you spend it in paradise? Instead of partying in a dark banquet hall or worrying if a snowstorm is going to keep your loved ones from making the day, more and more couples are deciding to take their milestone international and celebrate in the sand and sun.

Other than the nearly guaranteed good weather, why should you plan your wedding in the South?

Wedding + Honeymoon in One

Instead of paying for a wedding and then again for a honeymoon, why not combine the two? Destination weddings in the South know how to make the couple feel special, especially if they are both doing a wedding and their honeymoon there. From private room service to romantic dinners for just the two of you, the resorts usually make a point of making your day and remaining honeymoon special. However, you only have to pay for one vacation, so now you have a greater down payment for that house you wanted to buy.

Cultural Accommodations

Since the volume of destination weddings has increased, more companies are specializing in planning weddings which adhere to the standards set out by different cultures and religions. From Catholic weddings which have to be hosted in a church or chapel, to Jewish ceremonies, having these needs is no longer a limiting factor from planning your nuptials outside the borders of your residence. It’s no longer just an option available to non-religious couples!

Keeping it Small

When you have a local wedding, the guest list tends to be one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning. You don’t want to get people upset, and it’s difficult to keep the list down to a minimum when there are two families coming together. When it’s a destination wedding, the price and time commitment can be an easy deterrent to those who previously just wanted an opportunity to dance and drink at an open bar on a Saturday.

Easier to Plan and Customize

No more cookie cutter weddings here. There are companies that specialize in bringing your specific dream wedding to life. Meet with a planner in your home country, and when you arrive, you’ll have a “on the ground” contact to work with on confirming last-minute details. It’s your special day and you deserve to have your vision come to life.

There are many misgivings associated with destination weddings, from their inability to customize, to being unable to accommodate religious and cultural needs. With today’s travel destination wedding market in Canada and the United States, these are not issues anymore. All that’s left is to choose which amazing beach it’s going to be!


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