Divorce Attorneys For Changing Times

If you are a man who is undergoing the painful procedure of separation, with the prospect of an imminent divorce looming over your head, you ought to know that you have the right to first class legal representation during your time of transition. While there is always a sadness in anyone’s life when they are contemplating the prospect of a marriage breaking up, there is also the ever present fear that a divorce may leave them in a precarious financial position, or even deprived of the ability to spend time with their children.

You’ll Need A First Class Attorney In Your Corner

In order to ensure that you can negotiate a clean separation, with a fair and equitable settlement between both parties, you’ll need a first class divorce attorney in your corner. The firm of Cordell & Cordell has earned a sterling reputation for its ability to represent men during their time of greatest need. If you’re not hopeful that your marriage can be reconciled and preserved, it’s time to think ahead to the future.

Hiring An Attorney Doesn’t Make You The Bad Guy

Hiring a divorce attorney doesn’t make you the “bad guy” – it simply serves notice that you aren’t going to let your rights be trampled on or ignored. If you have children from your marriage, you have every right to arrange for a full joint custody agreement with your ex-wife that will allow you to spend time with them. You have as much right to be a part of their life as anyone, so it’s extremely important not to allow your former spouse and her legal attorney to deny you that right.

Marriage And Divorce Laws Are Changing

You should know that marriage and divorce laws are changing rapidly throughout the United States. More and more states have adopted the basic “No Fault” premise of divorce settlement. This means that many specific details and individual features regarding the property held in common by you and your ex-wife are routinely divided in the most basic and peremptory fashion.

Unfortunately, while this can lead to a great deal of bitterness and resentment on the part of both former spouses, it is usually the male who bears the greater sacrifice on this occasion. In order for you to get the best possible settlement in your divorce, please contact our offices today. There is simply no time to lose.