EzTraderFC – mixing finance with football

EzTrader FC is an emerging leader among online binary option trading platforms that aims to mix the thrills and excitement of financial trading with the cut and thrust of Champions League standard football. Think of Wall St meeting the Camp Nou, and trade with EzTrader to gain a chance to see some of the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the Premier League’s top stars from the comfort of a corporate hospitality box. But, we can talk about the football later, let’s talk finance first!


EZ Trader deals in Binary options. These are a financial product that are going “viral” in their prominence in the online trading world, for the very simple reason that they are comparatively easy to go trading in. All a speculator needs is to choose an underlying asset and make a calculated decision if it will go up or if it will go down in value and make trades based upon their intuition. The advantage of binary options trading is these are just two outcomes that can occur. Either the asset will rise in value or else fall by the time of expiry, and the trader will know in advance the possible earnings arising on a trade that is successful. This simplicity is in stark contrast to the more conventional financial trading in shares or corporate bonds.

EzTrader’s award gaining system is best in class in its industry. No less a body than the prestigious IAIR, an industry leading magazine “promoting excellence in the global economy and sustainability” awarded Eztrader a “best Binary Option Trading Platform” for two years in a row (2015 and 2016). The platform is undivided in its client oriented focus, with emphasis on providing traders a top class an enjoyable time spent online trading.

If you have made a gain and wish to cash in, then withdrawing your money can be done with ease, hence the name EzTrader, “easy” being no more mere brand name. You simply select the amount of funds in your account that you have decided to withdraw and the earnings will be credited to you swiftly and correctly.

Now, let’s focus on the football side of EzTrader, specifically the partnering clubs of Tottenham Hotspur, AS Monaco and Wolfsburg. Spurs have a longstanding tradition of high standards of player’s integrity and footballing style. Culturally speaking, they are an ideal fit for EzTrader. Likewise AS Monaco offer EzTrader winners a chance to enjoy honoured VIP tickets to the Stade Louis II, taking in a tour of the iconic stadium and top class hospitality packages, as well as flights and luxury accommodation in the Mediterranean principality on match day. Wolfsburg, one of the Bundesliga’s top sides are also partners of the platform, and offer similar benefits to competition winners among traders.

So, if you wish to combine the on field excitement of world class football with high return financial trading, then don’t hesitate to try out EzTrader.

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