Five Ways to Effectively Market Hotels and Casinos

Hotels and casinos took a hit during the recession due to the number of people out of work and looking for ways to save on vacations. Though the profits of those companies are now climbing again, some find that their profits are still low. Using some effective marketing tools and ideas can help hotels and casinos increase profits again.

Use Real Photographs Online

Hotels and casinos must have websites that give guests a glimpse at the facility and its amenities. Sites that use limited photographs and give only a small amount of information have less of an appeal to those looking for a room. Using current photographs is a simple way to appeal to those looking for hotels and casinos. Those pictures should give them an idea about what they can expect during their stay, including the types of rooms available and the on-site amenities. Even if the hotel offers little outside of a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi, those pictures will show travelers the cleanliness of the rooms and the friendliness of the staff.

Offer Online Check-In Options

Foursquare and similar apps are extremely popular with younger travelers today. These apps let them check in and share information about their stay, and they can even write a review after leaving. Working with those sites is an easy way to appeal to multiple groups of travelers. Some sites even let hotel and casino owners go in and update information as needed. They can update details about the casino’s operating hours, the restaurants nearby and any special events taking place.

Host Promotions

Promotions may be the key to a hotel’s or casino’s success. Many of these companies now have their own Facebook pages and pages on other social networking sites that let them inform travelers of special events and promotions. Las Vegas casinos often host giveaways in the form of motorcycles or cars. Guests and players can enter for free for a chance to win that vehicle. Other promotions may include coupons that entitle players to free money when they bring in a copy of the coupon or a free night when they book a room on a weekday. Some hotels and casinos find success hosting promotional events on Facebook, but others use on-site promotions to encourage guests to visit the facility.

Target Local Events and Activities

Casinos and hotels often exist in cities that boast a number of activities and events throughout the year that appeal to both tourists and locals. Targeting those events is a simple way to increase business and profits. For example, a hotel owner might work out an agreement with a local tour company that lets hotel guests book a seat on that tour for a lower price. They may also highlight local activities and events on their website. Someone searching for information about a summer festival or a holiday party may come across the site and decide to book a room there or stop by the casino after the event.


Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is a method of using keywords to encourage people to visit a page and to increase the search engine ranking of a website. Finding the right keywords can be tricky, but hotel and casino owners generally want to highlight and use words relating to those facilities and the available amenities. Geo tags, which are tags and words relating to the city, are also helpful. Those tags specifically target people looking for places to stay and play in that city. Sid Vaikunta’s blog and other similar sites have more marketing ideas and useful information for hotel and casino owners.

Marketing a hotel, casino or even a resort in the right way can result in the game floor filled with players and the rooms booked with hundreds of guests. Using keywords and photographs, hosting promotions, offering online check-in and targeting local events are just a few of the best marketing techniques.

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