How Interdependence Public Relations Transformed My Business

For many years I was advised by friends and colleagues of mine to use the services of a public relations company but I always felt that it wasn’t an investment which would bring solid returns, and capital wasn’t in abundance during those years. Last year however I decided to bite the bullet and use the services of the brilliant Interdependence public relations. At that stage I was really looking for some direction from the guys and what actually happened was that they completely transformed my business, aiding me in more ways than I previously thought possible. If you have a business, big or small, a public relations company can offer you a brilliant service and here is how the team at Interdependence were able to help me and my business.


When I hired the team at Interdependence my company’s reputation was lukewarm at best, it was something which I felt that I had no real control over and other than trying to offer the best service to my customers, I didn’t really have any ideas how to boost the reputation which my company had. Interdependence came in and within just a few months they had managed to boost my reputation, something which I was able to see by way of increased sales, better online reviews and far more leads than I had ever had before.

Social Media

Social media was something which I used for the business to try and drum up a little bit of interest and to engage with my clients. As it turns out there was so much more which I could’ve been doing with my social media pages and thanks to the guys at Interdependence all of that has now changed. They updated the content which I was producing, they boosted the engagement by posting at the right times and to the right people and they transformed my social media to become a tool not just for engagement but for brand growth and visibility.


Whenever we would launch a new product or offer a great promotion the reaction would never really be what Iw as looking for and for many years I couldn’t really grasp what it was that I could do in order to gain more attention. The guys at Interdependence are absolute experts with this and thanks to their contacts, their know-how and most importantly their creativity around launching such a campaign, I was able to get far more traction and far more interest from product and promotional launches.


Ultimately what this company was able to deliver for me was more sales and a higher amount of profit. Through their approach to the digital side of things and the way in which they were able to help me shape a new message and a new identity for my business, I saw a huge increase in customers and sales, which in turn contributed towards a far healthier amount of profit.

These guys are the real deal and I cannot recommend them enough.