How to Engage in Brand Reputation Management (the Right Way)

There is a lot of confusion about brand reputation management, specifically on how to do it the right way. The controversy about reputation management for a company is neverending, mainly because many people assume that reputation management is synonymous with fake reviews. Sure, many companies are going about this important business practice the wrong way by establishing a reputation using fake reviews, but there is a better way to do it. Here’s how.

Find a Professional Using a Variety of Targeted Techniques

The very first thing you can do as a company leader to build, improve, or maintain the brand’s reputation is invest in a professional service. The process of building a reputation from the ground up or repairing one that has been torn down is more difficult than it sounds, so leave it to the pros. There are many professional agencies to choose from, but they certainly aren’t all created equal.

It is important to do your research on the reputation management companies available. First of all, find one that uses a variety of targeted techniques for reputation building and management. These techniques should range from social media marketing to in-person marketing. Other popular reputation management techniques include monitoring customer reviews (real ones) and customer outreach.

Before Deciding on a Professional Service, Do This

Before you sign anything or invest in any type or reputation management service, always meet with the agent for a consultation. Meeting in person won’t always be possible since many reputation management agencies operate solely online. Even so, do what you can to get a feel for the agency’s values and protocols; this could be over the phone or Skype, but ideally the consultation is done in person.

Remember that You Have Control Over Your Own Reputation

This is something that many company leaders don’t realize, especially as a bad rep starts to develop. But just remember, you have control. In other words, you have control to handle negative reviews or whatever else is leading to the negative perception of your brand. In order to take control, though, is to understand the reasons for the bad rep.

Bad reputations can typically be attributed to poor reviews, but in rare cases they can be the result of a scandal relating to the company. Dealing with poor reviews is fairly simple, although you should be doing whatever you can to avoid receiving these poor reviews in the first place. But receiving a negative review every now and then is inevitable, so you need to know how to handle it when this happens.

When a negative review is left by a disgruntled client or customer, you must take measures to alleviate that customer’s concerns. Why was the negative review left in the first place? Bad customer service? A faulty product?

Think about how to make a customer happy, and then do whatever you can to make that happen. Making the customer happy is the best way to maintain a solid reputation, and it should be your goal before anything else.

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