How to Hire The Best Staff

Whether you are working as a manager of a company or the company is indeed your own, the hiring of staff, or more importantly, hiring of great staff, is one of the things that will be crucial to the company’s success. Regardless of what the position is that you are looking to fill, it will be important that you hire the right person, first time around. Failing to get the right person for the job could result in lost time and man hours training the member of staff and then going out and finding someone new.


There is lots of advice out there from great staffing coaches like JD Dukes around how to hire the best staff and in light of this, here is our top tips for getting the best staff.


Write Great Job Descriptions


Before you get anyone in the interview chair it is important that you have people applying for your job who know exactly what will be expected of them. A job description can never be too detailed and if you want the right candidates to apply, then the onus will be on you to ensure that they are properly informed.


Cast Your Net Wide


Maximum exposure for your vacancy is the best way to reach the right candidate and you should be utilizing as many different channels in order to put your vacancy out there. It may cost a bit of money in order to display your vacancy in many different job sites or pages, but this will be worth it when the right candidate walks through the door.


Seek Out Commitment


It is worth looking for people who are committed in their roles, the last thing you want is someone who has a history of chopping and changing as there is nothing to stop them doing the same with you. There is a balance to be found here as you want someone ambitious and who likes to keep moving forward, if someone spends 4 or more years in a role before moving on then there is nothing wrong with this, anyone changing positions every 2 years is probably not a stable bet for you.


Be Creative


People lie on application forms and in interviews and much of this is done because techniques are always the same. You want to ensure that you have someone who can not only perform the job but also believes in the ethos of the company. When it comes to the application, screening and interview process, get creative, ask curveball questions and put them on the spot a little to test them out.


Go Social


Background checks on your candidates have never been easier than they are right now and you can check out what a person’s ethos is with a simple check online or on their social media pages. A background check like this can quickly help you weed out the candidates who just won’t fit with your company and leave you with a smaller crop of solid applicants.

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