How to Use Today’s Tech to Manage Employee Absences

Whether an employee has fallen ill or they’ve planned a family vacation, you can’t expect them to be in your office every weekday of the year. Absences are a normal part of the business world. Unfortunately, extended leave or abuse of a company’s paid leave policy can result in significant losses for your company. Thankfully, you can reduce your losses with an absence management software. Here’s how these tools will help you better manage your employees — and your budget.

Streamline Time-Off Requests

Submitting and approving time off requests can be a time-consuming process. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the onus for the request is largely placed on your human resources staff, rather than the employee. The employee simply submits a request to HR. HR must then go through their records to determine whether or not to approve the request based on the employee’s remaining allotted vacation time, other employee requests, and so on.


Finding and evaluating this information can be a major time waster. An absenteeism management software streamlines these efforts by automatically tracking vacations, sick leave, overtime, and more. Employees will see how much vacation time they have left when they log into their account and make a request, which can help reduce the number of unapproved requests.


An easy to navigate menu also makes it easier for HR to see who is taking time off (and when) to improve supervision and streamline the approvals process.

Eliminate Salary Errors

Absenteeism can also contribute to costly salary errors, such as mistakes that occur when the same data must be entered in multiple areas when preparing paychecks, or when an employee takes a sick day after using all of their sick leave hours but still gets paid for the missed time.


Software that is specifically designed to manage employee schedules and time off requests can be easily linked to your payroll platform. All information collected and stored by the scheduling program is automatically linked to payroll processing, ensuring that used vacation hours and unpaid time off are accurately processed.


This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally paying an employee when they took what was supposed to be an unpaid absence.


Your human relations team already has several responsibilities that they need to worry about. Digging through records to determine if an employee has already used their paid vacation days for the year shouldn’t take them away from other tasks. By using HR software applications to manage your time-off portal, employees and management can avoid costly miscommunications.

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