Launching a Supplement Business: How to Transform Your Dream Into a Reality

So, you want to launch a supplement business…smart move!

As of 2019, 77% of adults in the US take dietary supplements. Honestly, who can blame them? Supplements are nutrients that act as support while you seek to gain (and obtain) good health. There are several reasons why adults are choosing to take supplements daily: they’re research-approved, they’re helpful with your energy, and they’re essential for supporting your overall mental and physical health.

There are several startups and small businesses that have embarked on a journey in the supplement industry. However, there’s no need to be wary of the competition. With proper goal setting, the right features, and a strong sense of service, you can become the CEO of your very own supplement business! Here are a few things to remember when you’re transforming that dream into a reality:

Your Dream Team

Behind every successful business is an even more successful team. Selecting the right team members to launch your small business is no small task. The entire organization has to be in alignment: goal setting, strategic objectives, performance reviews, individual objectives, key results, and a string of other necessary factors of small businesses have to manage carefully. When there’s a staff of team members that are committed to the company’s mission and goals, key results are able to come on a greater scale. This will lead to great success for your business!

One of the best resources available for employee engagement and employee data is WorkBoard. WorkBoard is an app designed to make communication and organization between management and team members more efficient in real-time. There are some impressive factors about their best OKRs software: an employee performance management software platform, a product management system, and plenty of other essential OKR software tools. WorkBoard sets up your company for continuous development; any strategic plan would benefit greatly from this resource.

Your Dream Manufacturer

Hopefully, you’ve already put a lot of thought into what type of supplement you’re looking to sell. If you haven’t, that’s okay! Be sure to take the time to conduct (and read!) plenty of adequate market research. Not only will you discover what is best for you to sell, but you’ll find out which consumers will benefit from it the most. From amino acids to nitta gelatin to fish skin, you have plenty of supplements to choose from.

It’s likely that you’ve been interested in collagen, a protein that is used for better skin health. One of the best collagen manufacturers that should be on your radar is Makers Nutrition. Makers Nutrition is a B2B vitamin and supplement manufacturing company that is especially well-known for its collagen products. Their collagen powder mixes well, and the collagen protein is essential for the promotion and unity of hair, skin, and joints. While their product offerings are all praise-worthy, their collagen powder would be an excellent product for your supplement company.

Your Dream Marketing

Here comes the really fun part: marketing your brand new supplement business! Not only can marketing serve as a creative outlet during your strategic planning, but it’s incredibly important for exposure. This is how you’ll be attracting customers and audiences, so you’ll want to make sure it’s top-notch. Here are a few tips for your marketing:

  • Include your brand’s mission in your marketing promotions. Transparency is a good look!
  • Dip into several outlets: social media, email newsletter, online publications…you name it!
  • Play around with your look! The more memorable your content is, the better.
  • Be consistent! Rome wasn’t built in a day, but over the course of your marketing, your customer base will progress greatly.

Good luck with your new supplement business endeavor. No matter how much you believe the market is saturated, there is always room for better.

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