Look for These Coronavirus Corporate Housing Standards to Protect Your Workers

The Covid-19 crises has led to widespread panic and fear around the world. Economies across the globe have told people to stay at home, in order to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. For those who must work and even those who will work once the virus subsides a bit, things will have to be different in terms of how we interact with each other, and the places where we go.

For companies that have workers who need to go to remote locations to work, there is a great need for coronavirus corporate housing standards, to keep them safe. 

Corporate Housing Companies Have an Obligation to Ensure the Health of Their Guests

Ensuring the health and safety of guests during the coronavirus outbreak should be the highest priority for any corporate housing company. During the outbreak these workers are likely either front line workers like nurses or other working in hospitals, or they are critical service workers like those in city services or food preparation and delivery. In any case they are risking their own health so that others can make it through this tough time. For this reason it is imperative that they remain healthy. 

What to Look for in Coronavirus Standards

The company you select to provide corporate housing must focus on delivering the very best to your company during the outbreak and beyond. This should include:

  1. Secure and comfortable environments

Anyone working during the covid-19 outbreak, is likely working long hours. When they are in their housing accommodations, they should feel safe and comfortable. Safety means good security, cameras, and making sure that no one it’s not supposed to be on the property, is allowed. Also, any noise should be kept to a minimum so that the workers can sleep,

  1. The strictest standards of cleanliness. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued standards and guidelines or how rooms and other areas of a business should be cleaned and maintained. The corporate housing you select should meet or exceed the standards for hygiene set. Here are the general guidelines set by the WHO and the CDC.

  • Conducting top-to-bottom cleaning and disinfecting of all of our properties using Tier 1 antimicrobial and antiviral products.
  • Conducting continual training of staff members in enhanced novel coronavirus awareness.
  • Ensuring all staff members are practicing frequent proper hand washing guidelines.
  • Providing the necessary resources for staff to practice social distancing, including facilitating work-from-home measures where feasible.
  • Enhancing and maintaining the ventilation systems within all of the properties to ensure optimal airflow.

When you look for coronavirus corporate housing the company should gladly tell you that it is following the highest standards for security, comfort and particularly safety for the health of your workers. 

This information is vital and should be readily available to anyone asking. With so many people getting sick and even dying from coronavirus, if there is any doubt that the company is abiding by these standards, you should take your business elsewhere. 

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